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    Application of adsorption resin in the treatment of industrial wastewater2019-07-24
    Background and Structural Properties of Adsorbent Resin Adsorbent resin is a resin adsorbent, developed on the basis of ion exchange resin. In the 1970s, with the development of macroporous ion exchange resins, macroporous adsorption resins came into being. 中蓝环保 阅读( The adsorption resin is ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Several commonly used seawater desalination technology processes2019-07-23
    In practice, the following types of seawater desalination technologies are considered effective: the first category is distillation, including multi-stage flash distillation (MSF), compressed gas distillation, and multi-effect distillation (MED); The type is membrane method, including reverse osmosis method, electrodialysis method, etc .; the third type is other methods, such as freezing freezing method, solvent extraction method, dew point evaporation desalination technology, etc.
    中蓝环保 阅读( ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Introduction to conventional treatment and zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater2019-07-19
    The main component of limestone is CaCO3, which contains various impurities such as MgO, Fe2O3, Al2O3, SiO2, etc. These impurities are the main components of the suspended matter of desulfurization wastewater. 中蓝环保 阅读( Coal and limestone also contain a small amount of heavy metals, in weakly acidic desulfurization wastewater ... [Details] Zhonglan Environmental Protection Read ( )
    Encyclopedia of the definition, evolution and development process of the water treatment pharmaceutical industry2019-07-17
    中蓝环保 阅读( There are two main types of water treatment agents in China: one is a chemical with a clear molecular structure and a compound name. This type of product is a fine chemical and is generally called a single-agent product ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Reading ( )
    Briefly introduce several common sludge disposal methods2019-07-17
    中蓝环保 阅读( Sludge is a by-product of sewage treatment plants in the process of sewage treatment. It is an aggregate formed by suspended matter in sewage, microorganisms, organic matter adsorbed by microorganisms, and products of microbial metabolism. At the same time, it may contain a large amount of heavy metals .. [Details] China Blue Environmental Protection ( )
    Overview of landfill leachate treatment process with MBR as the core2019-07-15
    中蓝环保 阅读( 1 Leachate water quality characteristics and treatment process Leachate is organic or inorganic due to the physical, biological, and chemical effects of compaction, fermentation, and the like during the storage and landfilling of garbage, as well as the percolation of precipitation and other external incoming water. Composition of liquid ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Comparative analysis of three landfill leachate treatment schemes
    The leachate treatment process can be divided into pretreatment, biological treatment, advanced treatment and post treatment (sludge treatment and concentrated liquid treatment) according to the process. It should be based on the influent water quality, quantity and discharge standards of leachate ...
    中蓝环保 阅读( ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology Daquan2019-07-15
    1. Stripping method Under alkaline conditions, a method that uses the gas-liquid equilibrium relationship between the gas phase concentration and the liquid phase concentration of ammonia nitrogen to separate. It is generally believed that the stripping efficiency is related to temperature, pH and gas-liquid ratio. 中蓝环保 阅读( The key factors controlling the blow-off efficiency are ... [Details] Zhonglan Environmental Protection Read ( )
    Analysis of industrial high-salt wastewater recovery and wastewater zero discharge treatment technology2019-07-12
    High-salt wastewater usually refers to wastewater that contains organic matter and has a total dissolved solids (TDS) higher than 3.5%. 中蓝环保 阅读( This kind of wastewater is commonly found in various fields such as petrochemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical engineering, etc. Combining the reliability and economics of high-salt wastewater treatment technology ... [Details] Zhonglan Environmental Protection )
    Detailed explanation of anaerobic-anaerobic-aerobic commissioning process of coking wastewater2019-07-12
    Biological debugging 1 Activated sludge index Mixed liquid suspended solids (MLSS) concentration: It refers to the total weight of activated sludge solids per unit volume of mixed liquid, including: microorganisms, auto-oxidation residues, non-degradable organics and inorganics. 中蓝环保 阅读( Mixed liquid ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Knowledge of commonly used wastewater treatment processes in the water treatment industry2019-07-12
    中蓝环保 阅读( Oxidation ditch process, as a mature activated sludge wastewater treatment process, has been widely used throughout the country. It is a variant of the activated sludge process. Its aeration tank is a closed ditch ......... Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Electron beam treatment technology-the reaction time of industrial wastewater treatment is only 0.01 seconds2019-06-14
    中蓝环保 阅读( Electron beam irradiation technology is to use the accelerated electron beam to bombard or irradiate the object to be treated, so that it will cause physical and chemical reactions that are difficult to trigger under conventional methods, so as to improve product performance, purify substances, etc ... ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Application of activated carbon in water treatment2019-05-08
    According to statistics, the annual industrial waste water discharged in China is about 8 & times; 108 m3, which contains not only toxic compounds such as cyanide, but also metal ions such as chromium, zinc, and nickel. 中蓝环保 阅读( There are many ways to treat wastewater, including chemical precipitation, electrolysis and membrane ... [Details] Zhonglan Environmental Protection Read ( )
    Rural drinking water safety project 2019Consolidation of rural drinking water safety and upgrading of engineering equipment2019-04-19
    中蓝环保 阅读( Production process route: water source—raw water pump—quartz filter—activated carbon filter—medicine device—security filter—softener—high pressure pump—reverse osmosis device—cleaning system & mda ... [Details] Zhonglan Environmental Protection Read ( )
    Analysis of rural domestic sewage treatment technology methods2019-04-11
    中蓝环保 阅读( 1. Characteristics of rural domestic sewage 1.1 Water quality characteristics ① The distribution of sewage is relatively scattered, involving a wide range and strong randomness, and it is very difficult to prevent and control. The pipe network collection system is not complete, extensive discharge, and basically no sewage treatment facilities; ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Henan's first fiscal "red envelope" is invested in ecological and environmental protection2019-02-15
    Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, February 10th (Reporter Li Peng) Recently, Henan Province has introduced 25 financial measures to support ecological environmental protection and has invested the first fiscal special "red envelope" in the New Year in the field of ecological environmental protection. 中蓝环保 阅读( In terms of improving the green transformation of the economic structure, He ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Protection Read ( )
    Rural sewage cannot be allowed to flow freely
    "Sparse shadows are horizontal and shallow, and the fragrance is floating on the moon." Opening the classical poems, water is the concentrated reflection of the natural beauty in the writing of literati and writers. 中蓝环保 阅读( Water is the source of life, ecology ... [Details] Zhonglan Environmental Protection Read ( )
    Human health water quality benchmarking technical guidelines2018-04-08
    In order to implement the "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Law of the People's Republic of China on Water Pollution Prevention and Control", scientifically and normatively set human health water quality benchmarks and formulate this standard. 中蓝环保 阅读( This standard specifies the human health water quality benchmark system ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Protection Read ( )
    Standard test methods for drinking water quality analysis and quality control2018-03-14
    中蓝环保 阅读( "Standard Method for Quality Inspection of Drinking Water (GB / T 5750.3-2006)" is divided into the following parts: General rules; collection and preservation of water samples; quality control of water quality analysis; sensory characteristics and physical indicators; inorganic non-metallic indicators ; Metal means ... [details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Determination of suspended matter in circulating water2018-03-14
    Suspended solids in circulating water 1 Method 1 Subtraction method 1) Scope of application This method is applicable to raw water, circulating cooling water, condensate water and furnace water. The presence of suspended matter can block the pipes, cause sediments in the heat exchanger and the boiler, and affect the heat exchange efficiency. 中蓝环保 阅读( 2 ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Water quality-Determination of nitrite nitrogen- Spectrophotometric method2018-03-14
    This standard is equivalent to ISO 6777-1984 "Determination of molecular absorption spectrophotometric method for determination of nitrite nitrogen in water." This standard technically modifies and supplements the ISO 6777-1984 standard according to the format of China's standards. This standard specifies the spectrophotometric method for the determination of nitrite nitrogen in drinking water, groundwater, surface water and wastewater. 中蓝环保 阅读( ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Water quality--Determination of nitrate nitrogen--phenol disulfonic acid spectrophotometric method2018-03-14
    This standard applies to the determination of nitrate nitrogen in drinking water, groundwater and clean water. This method is suitable for the determination of nitrate nitrogen concentration in the range of 0.02 to 2.0 mg / L. When the concentration is higher, fewer samples can be taken for measurement. 中蓝环保 阅读( ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Determination of pH value of water quality Glass electrode method2018-02-27
    中蓝环保 阅读( Water quality-Determination of pH value-Glass electrode method (implemented in GB / T 6920-86 1987-03-01) This method is applicable to the pH value of drinking water, surface water and industrial wastewater. [Details] China Blue Environmental Protection ( )
    Mixed bed, mixed ion exchange column water treatment equipment
    Mixed bed is the abbreviation of mixed ion exchange column, which is a device designed for ion exchange technology. The so-called mixed bed means that a certain proportion of cation and anion exchange resins are mixed and filled in the same exchange device to exchange and remove ions in the fluid. 中蓝环保 阅读( ... [Details] China Blue Environmental Read ( )
    Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment can effectively remove inorganics, organics, bacteria, pyrogens and other particles2017-09-28
    The reverse osmosis method can effectively remove inorganic substances, organic substances, bacteria, pyrogens and other particles dissolved in water. 中蓝环保 阅读( To understand the principle of "reverse osmosis", we must first explain the concept of "osmosis." The so-called osmosis refers to the separation of two kinds of semi-permeable membranes. )
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