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Water treatment Equipment> Chemical zl-hg001 with pure water equipment

Chemical zl-hg001 with pure water equipment
Source: pure water equipment Author: Zhonglan Release time: 2015-09-19

Chemical with pure water equipment

Equipment parameters:
Name: chemical with pure water equipment
Model: zl-hg001
Pressure: 0.7 kg (Mpa)
Water resistivity: 10
Water yield: 20
Dimension: 800 x1000 (cm)
Voltage: 380 (V)
The chemical industry in the process of production requires a lot of water, used in chemical reagents, chemical analysis, chemical materials, cleaning products, material separation, enrichment, purification, and so on. Each industry is different water quality requirement is not the same .To water quality requirement from conductivity under the us / cm, 10 to 18 million resistivity.
For water quality requirement is not high pretreatment + chemical industry by the single stage reverse osmosis, the water conductivity can reach 5 below.
For high water quality requirements of the chemical industry, our company adopt pretreatment + two-stage reverse osmosis + EDI + polishing mixed bed, water quality reach 18 megohm, fully meet the water chemical industry standards.
Areas of application:
1.The electronics industry, semiconductor industry ultrapure water, clean water preparation of integrated circuits;
2.The electric power industry: high pressure boiler make-up water preparation;
3.The pharmaceutical industry: the medicinal preparation of purified water;
4.Chemical industry: desalination solution purification;
The preparation of 5. Lab: analysis with ultrapure water.
Technological process:

Chemical process with pure water equipment


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