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Water treatment Equipment> The semiconductor industry cleaning products with zl-bdt001 ultrapure water equipment

The semiconductor industry cleaning products with zl-bdt001 ultrapure water equipment
Source: Ultrapure water equipment Author: Zhonglan Release time: 2015-09-19

The semiconductor industry cleaning products with ultrapure water equipment

Equipment parameters:
Product name: semiconductor industry with ultrapure water cleaning equipment
Model: zl-bdt001
Operating pressure: 1.0 Mpa (Mpa)
Water resistivity: 18 mcm omega
The water yield: 500 l / H
Dimension: 160 * 100 * 100 (cm)
Voltage: 380 (V)
Water quality: 0.55
Power: 380 (w)
Electrical conductivity: 0.06
The desalination rate: 99.999 (%)
Ultrapure water is remove the conductive medium is almost entirely in the water, and water dissociation of colloidal substance, gas and organic matter removal to very low levels of water. Semiconductor, integrated circuit chips and encapsulation, LCD display, high precision circuit board, optoelectronic devices, all kinds of electronics, microelectronics industry, large-scale, very large scale integrated circuit needs a large number of high pure water, ultrapure water cleaning semi-finished products and finished products. In photovoltaic industry in the production of valve, such as containing impurities, can affect the electron emission, thus affecting the service life of vacuum tube amplifier performance and, in the tube and a cathode ray tube production, the screen wall or precipitation by spraying method attached a layer of fluorescent material, as the preparation of pure water copper above 8 PPB, will cause light discoloration; Iron in more than 50 PPB can make light discoloration, di mming, flashing and can cause air bubble, the trace, light-leaking points such as defective goods. So the quality of the water is quite important. The higher the level of integration of the integrated circuit, and the higher requirement for water quality. Water quality level at present, China's electronic industry electronic technology is divided into five industry standards, 18 M omega respectively. Cm, 15 M omega. Cm, to 10 M. Omega cm, 2 M omega. Cm, 0.5 M omega. Cm, to distinguish between different water quality.
EDI highly purified water equipment as equipment of producing ultrapure water, as a reverse osmosis device after secondary desalination equipment, can making up to 10-18.2-M omega. CM.So it is widely used in microelectronics industry, semiconductor industry, power industry, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratory.Can also be used as a pharmaceutical production water distilled water, food and beverage, power plant boiler make-up water, high pure water, and other applications.


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