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Straight drinking water will replace family life drinking water
Source: direct drinking water equipment Author: zhonglan Release time: 2015-09-29

Straight drinking water equipment

Straight drinking water will replace family life drinking water.

Straight drinking water by making direct drinking water equipment , it is a kind of pure water equipment , its effect is deep purification, the source water to the human body can directly drinkable, called in court life straight water dispensers, its installation is simple, easy to operate, the water quality is good, very popular.
Office building and family now, bottled water has been very popular. Most people think that drinking pure water can be far away from the water pollution, but the reality may be different from our wishes. According to the sampling survey of the Chinese preventive medicine association , is using water machine inside may contain a lot of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, anaerobic bacteria, mold, as well as the most resistant hay bacillus. As drinking water more, the family disinfection consciousness does not reach the designated position, cause a lot of water dispenser disinfection, health concern.
Now some bottled drinking water production factory production of bottled water is unqualified event happen, in fact, even if you buy, is of high quality bottled water, the water dispenser in the office is also likely to breed bacteria. As long as the use process into the air with bacteria from the bucket, the bucket of water might soon be contaminated, and usually not more than one day.Because the bottled drinking water does not contain any antiseptic, no inhibition of bacteria and microorganisms, so once the bacteria enter will breed more rapidly.At room temperature, water dispenser colony index is likely to be within 10 days from 0 soared to 8000.
Direct drinking four benefits
1.Safety, do not contain impurities, pure water;
2.Fresh, connect with tap water to ensure the system is now drink, water is sweet;
3.Convenient and directly connected with the tap, all intelligent automatic control, at any time to enjoy the pure high quality drinking water;
4.Economic, choose a, healthy life, a bucket of water cost is less than 0.5 yuan, enjoy the fashion life grade.

The functional characteristics of direct water dispenser

The functional characteristics of direct water dispenser