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Battery pure water treatment process
Battery pure water treatment process is roughly divided into the following kinds:
1, using ion exchange way, the process is as follows:
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Seawater desalination system process
Large and medium-sized water desalination equipment suitable for island, compound and coastal water shortage city. Can effectively remove inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organic matter in water harmful ingredients, such as bacteria and germs to desalina
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Mineral water pretreatment process
Mineral water pretreatment by mechanical equipment, activated carbon filter, microporous membrane filter, terminal filter consists of a hollow ultrafiltration, the machine is mainly used in the production of mineral water. Mineral water Wells from the dep
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Straight drinking water process
Tap water (or other) to primary and secondary water treatment water treatment, tertiary water treatment to fine treatment, membrane separation system to sterilization, user
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