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    Reclaimed water treatment system equipment

    Reclaimed water treatment equipment

    The so-called reclaimed water mainly refers to urban sewage or domestic sewage as the water source, and it is used as miscellaneous water after proper treatment. Its water quality index is between the water and the sewage, which is called reclaimed water, and the corresponding technology is called reclaimed water technology. The treated reclaimed water can be used for toilet flushing, garden irrigation, road cleaning, and urban fountains. For the lack of fresh water resources and severe shortage of urban water supply, the use of reclaimed water technology can not only save water but also harmless sewage. It is an important way to prevent and control water pollution. It is also a major promotion in China at present and in the long term. New technologies, new processes. Therefore, the positioning of reclaimed water reuse in China is: During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, the state requires 10% of the sewage treatment capacity to be reused after further treatment. This is a large number, which has created a basis for reclaimed water reuse. Conditions; in the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" of the National Environmental Protection, "urban sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse project" is listed as one of the 9 major projects supported by the state. According to the scale, the reclaimed water system is divided into three basic systems: building reclaimed water, living quarters reclaimed water, and urban reclaimed water. The building water system is for a single building or several adjacent buildings, and the processing scale is small; the residential water system refers to a small-scale water system, and the management is relatively centralized. The operating cost of the treatment is relatively low, and the quality of the water supply is relatively stable; the urban reclaimed water system refers to the secondary treated water of the urban sewage treatment plant as the raw water of the reclaimed water, which is provided for the reclaimed water of the city after advanced treatment.
    Reclaimed water system consists of raw water collection system, water treatment system and reclaimed water supply system. 是用来处理原水使其达到中水的水质标准 ;中水供水系统通过室内外和小区的中水给水管道系统向用户提供中水。 The raw water collection system mainly collects raw water, including indoor water collection pipes, outdoor water collection pipes and corresponding supporting facilities; the water treatment equipment is used to process the raw water to meet the water quality standards ; the water supply system Provide the user with water through the indoor and outdoor water supply pipe system.
    Our company's reuse system process has adopted the most advanced membrane treatment technology, including three parts: pretreatment, ultrafiltration system and reverse osmosis (RO) system. Since the wastewater can reach the production water standard or the domestic miscellaneous water standard through in-depth treatment of modern technology, the wastewater can be recycled. In this way, the overall operating cost of the enterprise for the wastewater is greatly reduced, which plays a great role in environmental protection.

    Device parameters:
    Product name: Reclaimed water treatment equipment
    Note: Models can be manufactured according to customer needs
    The water reuse system can be applied in the following areas:
    1. As production water, the wastewater that is about to meet the standards will undergo industrial treatment and the effluent quality will meet the industrial water standard, so that it can be reused for production, so as to realize the recycling of water Rivers and lakes, environmental water, agricultural water, factory cooling water, car washing water, etc.
    3. Other uses of water.

    Reclaimed water treatment equipment

    Reclaimed water treatment equipment

    Method classification:
    According to the methods that have been adopted, they can be roughly divided into three categories:
    1. Biological treatment method: The use of microorganisms in water to adsorb and oxidize and decompose organic substances in sewage, including aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, generally aerobic treatment is more.
    2. Physical and chemical treatment method: The combination of coagulation sedimentation (air flotation) technology and activated carbon adsorption is the basic method. Compared with the traditional secondary treatment, the water quality is improved, but the operating cost is higher.
    3. Membrane treatment: The use of ultrafiltration (microfiltration) or reverse osmosis membrane treatment has the advantages of high SS removal rate and a much reduced floor area compared with traditional secondary treatment.
    Process selection:
    When determining the process flow, you must grasp the water quantity, quality, and use requirements of the raw water. You should choose an economical and reliable treatment process according to the above conditions. When selecting the process flow, you should consider the area occupied by the device and the surrounding environment. Restrictions and the impact of noise and odor on the surrounding environment; the main pollutants in the water source are organic matter, and most of the current biological treatment is the main treatment method; the disinfection and sterilization process is essential in the process flow, generally used Disinfection with chlorine disinfectant.
    The process of reclaimed water treatment mainly depends on the reclaimed water source and the use of reclaimed water. The reclaimed water source not only affects the choice of treatment process, but also affects the cost of treatment. Therefore, the selection of reclaimed water source is very important. At present, China mainly uses community living Sewage is used as the source of reclaimed water. The reclaimed water is mainly used for watering flowers, flushing toilets, washing cars, etc.

    Reclaimed water treatment equipment

    Reclaimed water treatment equipment

    Points to note:
    1. Selection of Reclaimed Water Reuse Sources of reclaimed water treatment systems can be divided into the following three categories:
    High-quality miscellaneous drainage: including hand-washing and face-washing water, cooling water, boiler sewage, rainwater, etc., but not including drainage of cabinets and toilets. The main pollutant is mud and the treatment method is simple.
    Miscellaneous drainage: In addition to the above-mentioned high-quality miscellaneous drainage, it also includes kitchen drainage. High degree of pollution, including oil scale, surfactant, biological organic matter and marl.
    Comprehensive drainage: mixed water of mixed drainage and toilet drainage, which contains higher bacteria, BOD and COD, not only has the pollution of the first two types of wastewater, but also contains the eutrophic nature of nitrogen and phosphorus, and the treatment process is more complicated 2. Water in the treatment technology mainly refers to non-drinking miscellaneous water reused within a certain range, which is used for flushing toilets in the building, cleaning floors, cars, greening, industrial circulating cooling water, and fire protection. Among them, the water quality of miscellaneous water used for toilet flushing, greening, clean watering and washing cars must comply with the national standard "Miscellaneous Water Quality Standards for Living" (CJ / T48-1999), used for water features, industrial circulating cooling water, etc. The quality standards of the reclaimed water should also be improved.
    (1). Water treatment process in physical and chemical method This process uses high-quality miscellaneous drainage as the source of middle water. The purpose of treatment is mainly to remove suspended matter and a small amount of organic matter in raw water, and to reduce the turbidity and color of water. The process of this process is to mix the raw water in the adjusting tank uniformly, and perform pre-aeration treatment, and to remove the macromolecular organic compounds and colloids by coagulation and sedimentation. The specific process is as follows:
    Raw water grille → regulating pond → physical and chemical treatment → disinfection → reclaimed water Features: It occupies less land; the system can be operated intermittently and the management is simple. However, this process has high requirements for incoming water and is not suitable for treatment after mixing multiple water sources, so it has certain limitations.
    When the secondary biological treatment effluent from the sewage treatment plant is used as the source of the reclaimed water, in order to meet the water quality standards of the reused water, further treatment is required, including nitrogen and phosphorus removal, disinfection, deodorization, color removal, and treatment of toxic substances. The advanced treatment technology can adopt filtration, activated carbon adsorption, membrane method, ozone oxidation, ion exchange, etc. The process flow is as follows:
    Secondary effluent → conditioning tank → chemical treatment → filtration → sterilization → reclaimed water (2). Biochemical process water treatment process
    If the reclaimed water source is comprehensive drainage, the purpose of treatment is to remove suspended matter and organic matter in the water at the same time. The process is to mix raw water with different water quantities and different water quality in the adjustment tank, and perform pre-aeration treatment. After entering the biochemical tank (contact oxidation tank), the biofilm on the filler is used to adsorb and oxidize organic pollutants in the water. After filtering and sterilizing, stable water quality is obtained. The process flow is as follows:
    Raw water → grille → conditioning tank → biological treatment → sedimentation tank → filtration → disinfection → reclaimed water (3). Water treatment process in membrane bioreactor This process combines biological treatment technology with membrane separation technology. The membrane separation module is placed in In the aeration tank, most of the organic matter in the sewage is decomposed by microorganisms. According to the screening principle, the membrane separation module intercepts particles with a diameter larger than the pore diameter of the microorganisms to obtain high-quality treated effluent. The process flow is as follows:
    Raw water → grille → conditioning tank → membrane bioreactor → disinfection → reclaimed water
    Scope of application:
    1. Wastewater discharged by papermaking, medicine, hospital, beer, urban domestic sewage, chemical industry, electroplating, coating, circuit board, textile, bleaching and dyeing industries;
    2.Washing water in various surface treatment processes;
    3. Anode, cathodic electrophoretic paint and other industries with zero discharge of wastewater.

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