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    Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment

    Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment

    The electroplating industry is an important processing industry in China. Its products are widely used in various industries. At the same time, the electroplating industry is also one of the three major polluting industries in China today. A large amount of wastewater containing nickel, chromium and other heavy metals produced in the production process brings to the environment Severe pollution. According to statistics, China's electroplating enterprises have reached more than 20,000, and its annual discharge of wastewater to the environment is as much as 400 million tons. With the implementation of the national sustainable development macro policy and the continuous increase of water prices due to the continuous economic growth and lack of water resources, electroplating companies are required to seek a new process and technology that meets the requirements of national environmental protection policies to achieve Recycling of electroplating wastewater.
    Due to the unique stability and high selectivity of membrane materials and the functional structure of membrane elements, the products of Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. are particularly suitable for separation tasks under extreme process conditions. In addition to separating the chemical industry and highly corrosive process liquids, the metal processing industry is also increasingly adopting membrane separation methods. Rinse water, as well as various dirty acids and lyes from chemical synthesis, electroplating processes and high-quality steel pickling can be reliably and cost-effectively purified by membrane separation methods and recycled without problems.

    Device parameters:
    Product name: Electroplating wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Note: Models can be manufactured according to customer needs
    Process flow:
    Raw water → dosing system → booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → dosing system → security filter → UF system → PH adjustment → UF water tank → high pressure pump → reverse osmosis system → RO water tank → UV → water point
    Water quality:
    After treatment, the effluent reaches the standard for electroplating water, as shown in the following table:

    Recycling water quality of electroplating wastewater

    1. With good economic benefits, the initial cost can be recovered within 1-3 years.
    2. Wastewater recovery rate reaches 75% -90%.
    3. The recovered water quality is stable below 200us / cm.
    4. Wastewater recycling cost can be reduced to about RMB ¥ 2 per ton.
    5. When the industrial area is short of water, this recycling equipment can be used to ensure production.
    6. The factory expands production without increasing wastewater treatment equipment and emissions.
    7. Fully automatic continuous system is suitable for large-flow wastewater recovery.
    8. The recovered water can be supplied to the pure water system or directly reused to the production line.

    Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment

    Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment

    ,电镀废水回用,产品清洗水回收循环使用和生活污水处理回用设备等。 Widely used in metal recycling, printed circuit boards, printing and dyeing, liquid crystal display, food, paper, electronics and semiconductor, tanning, power, chemical and other production wastewater treatment equipment , electroplating wastewater reuse, product cleaning water recycling and domestic sewage Handling of reuse equipment, etc.

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