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  • Beer wastewater treatment equipment--China Blue USAB anaerobic generator

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    Beer sewage treatment equipment

    Beer sewage treatment equipment

    At present, China's beer wastewater mainly comes from malt workshops. There are immersed sewage; saccharification, filtration and washing sewage in the sugar chemical industry; fermentation waste liquid and tank washing sewage in the fermentation process; bottle washing water, sterilization water in the filling workshop and a small amount of beer residue when the bottle is broken; other sewage Including cooling water, floor washing water, etc.
    The main components of beer wastewater include sugars, alcohols, amino acids, vitamins, protein compounds, organic matter in packaging plants and a small amount of inorganic salts. The BOD5 / CODcr value is large, the COD concentration of beer wastewater is high, and the water quality of beer wastewater fluctuates greatly with the changes in production. According to the characteristics of sewage, Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. uses USAB anaerobic generator, which can effectively solve the problem of beer sewage discharge.
    Device parameters:
    Brand: Henan Zhonglan Environmental Protection USAB Anaerobic Generator Wastewater Treatment Capacity: 1.3 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 20-200 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 50-200 (mm)
    Aerator power: 0.55-15.5 (kw)
    Water pump power: 0.55-5 (kw)
    Custom processing: Yes

    Beer sewage treatment equipment

    Beer sewage treatment equipment

    working principle:
    After the beer sewage passes through the middle grill, the larger suspended matter and floating objects are removed and then enter the pool. The beer sewage is extracted to the fine grill with a sewage pump, and then enters the adjustment tank to adjust the water quality and water volume. Before entering the adjustment tank, according to the pH value displayed by the online pH meter, use a metering pump to send the acid and alkali into the adjustment tank to adjust the pH value of the beer wastewater to 6.5-7.5. The water coming out of the adjustment tank is continuously pumped into the UASB reactor for anaerobic digestion, which reduces the concentration of organic matter. The biogas produced during the anaerobic treatment process is collected in the torch and burned or used. The effluent from the UASB reactor flows into the CAST reactor for aerobic treatment. Because beer sewage does not contain phosphorus, there is no need to set a phosphorus removal tank, and the water is directly discharged. The remaining sludge from the UASB reactor and the CAST reaction tank is first concentrated in the sludge thickening tank, and the sludge in the central sludge hopper is pumped to the dewatering machine room by the sludge to further reduce the sludge water content and achieve sludge reduction Quantification. The feed pump of the dewatering machine sends the sludge in the concentration tank to the mud mixer of the dehydrator, and the sludge pump UASB tank sewage sewage grille lift pump adjustment tank CAST tank discharge sludge dewatering room mud cake outbound supernatant The liquid fine grille has a supernatant fan sludge concentration tank.
    USAB composition diagram and process flow:

    USAB flowchart of beer sewage treatment equipment.
    Sewage—separation grid—lift pump—fine grid—regulating pond—UASB—CAST—discharge
    Performance comparison table between UASB equipment and other anaerobic and aerobic equipment:
    Beer sewage treatment equipment

    The main advantage:
    1. The sludge concentration in the UASB is high, and the average sludge concentration is 20-40gVSS / L;
    2. The organic load is high and the hydraulic retention time is long. When using medium temperature fermentation, the volume load is generally about 10kgCOD / m3.d.
    3. Without mixing and stirring equipment, the sludge in the upper part of the sludge bed is suspended by the upward movement of the biogas generated during the fermentation process, and the lower sludge layer is also agitated to a certain extent;
    4. The sludge bed is not filled with carriers, which saves cost and avoids blocking problems due to fillers;
    5. The UASB is equipped with a three-phase separator, usually without a sedimentation tank, and the sludge separated by the sedimentation zone is returned to the sludge bed reaction zone. Generally, no sludge return equipment is required.

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