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  • Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment--Zhonglan vortex concave air flotation machine

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    Printing and dyeing is a processing method. With the continuous improvement of printing and dyeing technology, the color of China's textiles has been continuously enriched, but because of the increasing amount of waste water produced by printing and dyeing, in a country advocating to reduce emissions, China's main component of the printing and dyeing industry is Chinese. . In order not to affect the production of the printing and dyeing industry, but also to reduce the discharge of sewage. Combining years of experience in the industry, our company has produced vortex concave air flotation machines, which have been widely used in wastewater treatment in the printing and dyeing industry. The following is a brief introduction of the relevant content of reverse osmosis pure water equipment for the printing and dyeing industry.
    Vortex concave air flotation machine is a system specially designed for removing grease, glue and solid suspended solids (SS) from industrial and municipal sewage.
    Device parameters:
    Product Name: China Blue Vortex Concave Air Floater Brand: Henan China Blue Model: zlwq10-500
    Sewage treatment capacity: 10-500 (m3 / h)
    Ozone dosage: 12 (g / h)
    Air volume: 10 (m3 / min)
    Air tank capacity: 500 (m3)
    Flowmeter specifications: 210 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 312 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 310 (mm)
    Aerator power; 2 (kw)
    Water pump power: 3 (kw)
    Custom processing: Yes

    Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment 1.jpg

    working principle:
    The pre-treated sewage flows into a small aeration section equipped with a vortex concave aerator. During the rising process, the sewage is fully mixed with the micro-bubbles generated by the aerator through the aeration section. The aerator passes the air on the water surface through the exhaust duct. Transfer to water. The working principle of the aerator is to use the high-speed rotation of the diffuser impeller at the bottom of the air duct to form a vacuum zone in the water. The air on the liquid surface is input into the water through the aerator to fill the vacuum. Microbubbles are generated and spirally rise. When the water reaches the surface, the oxygen in the air is dissolved into the water.
    Due to the density imbalance between the gas-water mixture and the liquid, a vertical upward buoyancy is generated, bringing the SS to the water surface. During the upward floating process, the micro-bubbles will attach to the SS. After reaching the water surface, the SS relies on these bubbles to support and maintain the water surface. The SS floating on the water was intermittently removed by a chain scraper. The scraper moves along the entire liquid surface and pushes the SS from the inlet end of the air flotation tank to the sludge discharge pipe at the outlet end. The sludge discharge pipe has a horizontal auger to send the collected sludge into the sludge tank. The purified sewage flows into the overflow tank and then flows to the biochemical treatment section.
    The open return pipe extends from the aeration section along the bottom of the air float tank. When microbubbles are generated, the vortex aeration machine will form a negative pressure zone at the bottom of the tank with a return pipe. This negative pressure will return the wastewater from the bottom of the tank to the aeration zone, and then return to the airfloat section. This process ensures that about 40% of the sewage is returned and that the air flotation section can still work without water inflow.
    Performance characteristics:
    1. It has strong adaptability to water volume and water quality variants.
    2. Advanced wastewater treatment technology, low investment, high treatment efficiency, and good effluent water quality.
    Equipment advantages:
    Adopting ZLWQ air-floating system has the following advantages:
    1. Save investment: ZLWQ air flotation does not require equipment such as compression vessels, air presses and circulation pumps, thereby greatly reducing investment costs.
    2. Affordable: ZLWQ air-floating system is simple, and there are few supporting civil works, so it is installed on the ground, underground or high place.
    3. Low operating cost: Low power required, simple maintenance and manual operation.
    4. High efficiency: ZLWQ air flotation automatically and continuously removes sludge from wastewater. Low sludge water content reduces sludge treatment costs.
    5. Simple operation: ZLWQ air flotation has no complicated machinery and equipment, and does not require professional human participation.
    6. Odor reduction: ZLWQ is an aerobic process, and the problem of odor from sludge has been solved.

    Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment 2.jpg

    Use range:
    Paint, tanning, oil refining, printing and dyeing, chemistry, dairy processing, fiber production, papermaking, food, beverage, slaughtering, textile, machinery processing, municipal sewage.

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