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  • River water purification equipment zl-jhs001

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    River water purification equipment

    River water purification equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Product name: River water purification equipment
    Model: zl-jhs001
    Treatment process: coagulation + sedimentation + filtration occasions: large rated frequency: 50 (Hz)
    Rated power: 4000 (w)
    Water inlet pressure: 0.6 (Mpa)
    Water supply: 10000 (L / h)
    Net content (specification): 21000 (kg)

    River water purification treatment equipment

    River water purification equipment

    At present, enterprises are facing the national policy of "prohibition of groundwater protection to protect water resources". The existing deep wells in the plant will be gradually closed, and industrial production water will face crisis. And if the full use of tap water will double the investment in production costs, affecting the normal development of the enterprise. The current plan is to use river water for industrial water.

    1. In addition to the management of the primary pump room and dosing system, the water purification device itself has a series of operating procedures from reaction, flocculation, sedimentation, sludge collection, sludge collection, water collection, water distribution, filtration, recoil, and sewage discharge. It meets the requirements of automatic operation. As long as the duty staff does regular water quality monitoring and measurement, there is no need to operate and manage the water purification device.
    2. The high-concentration flocculation layer can make the impurity particles in the raw water get sufficient collision contact and the probability of adsorption, so it can adapt to the water temperature and turbidity of various raw water, and the impurity particle removal rate is high. Under certain conditions of use, it also has algae removal function.
    3. The rapid sludge concentration chamber and adjustable automatic sludge discharge system can ensure the timely removal of excess sludge impurities, thereby ensuring a stable removal rate of foreign particles.
    4. Efficient flocculation and sedimentation effect keep the quality of the sediment effluent water in good condition.
    5. The novel water collection system and water collection head make the water collection more uniform and effective, which not only improves the volume utilization factor, because the water collection head is extremely small, the cumulative power saving effect is considerable.
    6. The water purification system is automated, which not only ensures the high-efficiency filtration of the water purification system. (When the turbidity of the raw water is less than 3000mg, the turbidity of the filtered water can be kept below 3mg), and it can automatically backwash without the need for a separate backwash pump. Or air compressors and other electrical equipment can save a lot of capital investment and daily operation, repair, maintenance costs.
    7. The self-consumption rate is lower than about 5%, which plays a positive role in saving limited water resources.
    8. It covers a small area. Compared with general water purification structures, it can save less than 50% of the land, the height is about 4.10 meters, and it can be installed indoors and outdoors.
    9. Convenient for expansion, reconstruction, reuse, relocation or re-use.

    River water treatment equipment

    River water purification equipment

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