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    Coking sewage treatment equipment

    Coking wastewater treatment equipment

    Coking wastewater contains a variety of waste dyes due to various factors such as the nature of raw coal, the recovery process and method of coking products. Coking wastewater is a kind of organic industrial wastewater with high ammonia nitrogen, high organic matter, complex composition and difficult to treat. Many highly toxic and difficult-to-degrade organic substances in coking wastewater are very harmful to the ecological environment. For example, phenolic compounds, which account for more than half of the total organic matter, can cause protein coagulation to cause great harm to humans, aquatic products and crops. The prevalence of skin cancer, lip cancer, and lung cancer in people who are often exposed to coal tar, asphalt, and certain petrochemical solvents is very high, because of multiple polycyclic and heterocyclic compounds Many of the ring aromatic compounds (PAHs) are carcinogenic and mutagenic. Therefore, it is very important to do coking wastewater treatment well!
    Our company combines years of experience in the industry to produce treatment equipment that effectively resolves coking wastewater. The main introduction is as follows:
    Device parameters:

    Brand: Henan Zhonglan Environmental name: Coking wastewater treatment equipment Model: ZL-dm
    Sewage treatment capacity: 1-1000 (m3 / h)
    Air volume: 0-100 (m3 / min)
    Flowmeter specifications: 40 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 40 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 40 (mm)
    Dimensions: 350 (cm)
    Aerator power: 1.75 (kw)
    Water pump power: 1.75 (kw)
    Custom processing: Yes
    Process flow:

    Coking wastewater treatment equipment

    working principle:
    At present, the COD removal from coking wastewater at home and abroad mainly uses biochemical methods. The coking wastewater treatment equipment mainly uses the ordinary activated sludge method. This method can effectively remove phenol and cyanide substances in coking wastewater.
    The coking wastewater treatment equipment designed and produced by our company is a biological treatment method for removing organic matter from coking wastewater.
    The first is the process between anaerobic and aerobic, and its mechanism of action is to change the chemical structure of refractory organic matter by anaerobic microbial hydrolysis and acidification to generate easily degradable substances.
    In the process of coking wastewater treatment equipment, the dissolved oxygen is controlled below 0.5mg / L during anoxic process. The facultative denitrifying bacteria use the COD in the water as the hydrogen donor to reduce the nitrate and nitrite in the aerobic pool mixture. The generated ammonia is discharged into the atmosphere.
    At the same time, some complex macromolecular fused ring compounds are decomposed into low-molecular organic compounds by using the acid-producing process in the anaerobic biological treatment reaction process. In the aerobic process, the dissolved oxygen is in the range of 3 to 6 mg / L, and the easily degradable carbon-containing compounds are first degraded by the carbonizing bacteria in the aerobic pool.
    Then nitrite bacteria and nitrate bacteria oxidize ammonia nitrogen, and the dissolved oxygen is controlled at 2 to 4 mg / L during the contact oxidation process, which can further degrade difficult-to-degrade organic matter, remove ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus, and play a key role in water quality.

    Coking wastewater treatment equipment

    Coking wastewater treatment equipment

    Equipment advantages:
    The coking wastewater treatment equipment produced by our company has the advantages: simple and easy to implement, good treatment effect, low energy consumption, easy management and low cost. The concentration of COD influent is in the range of 250-400mg / L. This method is more ideal for COD treatment.

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