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  • Medical equipment factory GMP certified purified water equipment zl-ylqj001

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    Medical equipment factory GMP certified purified water equipment

    Medical equipment factory purified water equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Product name: GMP certified purified water equipment for medical equipment factory
    Model: zl-ylqj001
    Operating pressure: 0.1-0.6Mpa
    Water output: 250L / H
    Water resistivity: 0.5
    Voltage: 380V
    Power: 3KW
    Conductivity: 2us / cm2
    Desalination rate: 97%
    Stand-alone power: 250L / h
    Whether to customize: Yes

    Device Description:
    Purified water equipment for medicine is mainly for purified water equipment used in related medical and pharmaceutical industries such as biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment production, injection pharmaceutical production, health care product production, hospitals, etc. The water quality standards must meet the minimum requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, its conductivity, microorganisms and There are certain indicators required for mycin. China Blue Group's purified water equipment designed for the medical, biopharmaceutical and food industries are all made of stainless steel, and its process flow can adopt the two-stage reverse osmosis process or EDI process according to the needs of different customers.

    Water quality:
    Meet the American AAMI / ASAIO (USA) hemodialysis water standard, meet the national YY0572-2005 hemodialysis water standard endotoxin, bacterial removal rate ≧ 99%
    Removal rate of dissolved salt ≧ 97%
    Water recovery rate reaches 70%
    System emptying rate ≧ 99%, typical purified water preparation system without dead space reverse osmosis method:
    The technology of preparing pure water by reverse osmosis is a new technology developed in the 1960s. Due to its simple operation process, the efficiency of removing salt and heat is high, and it is relatively economical. This method has been included in the 19th edition of the United States Pharmacopeia and is one of the legal methods for preparing water for injection.

    Purified water quality standards:
    Resistivity: ≥0.5MΩ.CM Conductivity: ≤2μS / cm @ 25 ℃
    Ammonia≤0.3μg / ml
    Nitrate ≤0.06μg / ml
    Heavy metal ≤0.5μg / ml
    10CFU / 100ml
    Endotoxin 0.25EU / ml

    Process flow:

    Purified water process of medical equipment factory

    1. Raw water tank: The raw water tank of ultra-pure water equipment is used to store tap water, and it is equipped with a float switch to prevent water from damaging the booster pump and the pretreatment tank. The original water tank is generally made of PE water tank or stainless steel.
    2. Raw water pump: The raw water pump draws water from the raw water tank and supplies it to the pretreatment. After the pretreatment is filtered, it is supplied to the reverse osmosis. The original water pumps used by our company are mainly domestically produced South China pumps and Danish Grundfos water pumps, and the quality and performance can be guaranteed.
    3. Flocculant: The flocculant is mainly a group with positive (negative) electrical properties and some water particles with negative (positive) electrical properties which are difficult to separate, or particles, reducing its potential to make it in a stable state And use its polymerization properties to make these particles concentrated and separated by physical or chemical methods.
    4. Quartz sand filter: The quartz sand filter is filled with fine quartz sand in a glass fiber reinforced plastic tank, or a stainless steel or carbon steel tank, and then tap water or surface water is pressed into the tank with pressure, thereby removing suspended matter, organic matter, Colloidal particles, microorganisms, chlorine, odor, and some heavy metal ions 5. Activated carbon filter: The role of activated carbon filter is mainly to remove macromolecular organics, iron oxides, and residual chlorine. This is because organic substances, residual chlorine, and iron oxides can easily poison ion exchange resins, while residual chlorine and cationic surfactants will not only poison the resin, but also damage the membrane structure and make the reverse osmosis membrane ineffective.
    6, scale inhibitor: reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is mainly used in ultra pure water equipment reverse osmosis membrane, mainly to prevent the scale of the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, thereby protecting the reverse osmosis membrane and maintaining the quality of ultrapure water. Working principle: The reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is ionized after dissolving in water, forming negatively charged molecular chains, and forming water-soluble complexes or chelates with Ca2 +, thereby increasing the solubility of inorganic salts and acting as scale inhibitors. effect.
    7. Security filter: The security filter is installed after the pretreatment, in front of the reverse osmosis membrane, with stainless steel or plastic material, built-in precision filter element, with a filtration precision of 5um and a filtration precision of 1um, selected according to design requirements.
    8. Reverse osmosis membrane: Reverse osmosis membrane is a kind of artificial semi-permeable membrane made of biological semi-permeable membrane with certain characteristics. Generally made of polymer materials. Such as cellulose acetate film, aromatic polyhydrazide film, aromatic polyamide film. The diameter of the surface micropores is generally between 0.5 and 10 nm, and the permeability is related to the chemical structure of the membrane itself. Some high-molecular materials have good repellency to salt, but water transmission rate is not good. Some polymer materials have more hydrophilic groups in their chemical structure, so the water transmission rate is relatively fast. Therefore, a satisfactory reverse osmosis membrane should have an appropriate amount of penetration or salt rejection.
    9. PH adjustment system: The PH adjustment system is used to adjust the PH value of the first-stage reverse osmosis water, and sodium hydroxide is generally used for adjustment.
    10. Sanitary sterile water tank: The container insulation material adopts high-temperature and anti-aging overall pearl cotton insulation. The interface is an international standard quick-release chuck type. The inner tank is made of imported SUS316L or 304 material. The surface has a mirror polished Ra≤0.28 m. The outer surface is matte, mirror-blasted or cold-rolled primary color. The tank has a liquid level gauge, an air breathing port, a thermometer, a liquid inlet and outlet, a circulation pump interface, a manhole, a CIP cleaning ball, a sight glass, and a light.
    11. EDI system: continuous electric deionization equipment. No acid-base regeneration is required, and the effluent water quality can reach above 17 MΩ.CM.
    12. Purified water water pump: Well-known domestic and foreign brands with SUS316 material and built-in sewage outlet (according to design requirements).
    13. UV sterilizer: Ultraviolet light is an invisible light wave. It exists outside the purple-ray end of the spectrum, so it is called ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet sterilizer is a special form of material operation, which is a stream of unconnected particles. Each ultraviolet photon with a wavelength of 253.7 nm has an energy of 4.9 eV. When ultraviolet rays are irradiated to the microorganisms, energy transfer and accumulation occur, and the accumulation results in the inactivation of the microorganisms, thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection.
    14, microporous filter: SUS316 material tank, built-in 0.22um folding filter.

    * Pharmaceutical, biomedicine, hospital water, medical equipment cleaning water * Production of large infusions, injections, oral liquids and other preparations

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