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    Papermaking wastewater treatment equipment

    Papermaking wastewater treatment equipment

    Papermaking wastewater mainly comes from the two processes of pulping and papermaking in the paper industry. Pulp is the process of separating fibers from plant raw materials into pulp, which is then bleached. This process will generate a large amount of papermaking wastewater. The process is also prone to papermaking wastewater.
    Papermaking wastewater produced by pulping is the most polluted. The waste water discharged during washing is dark brown, which is called black water. The concentration of pollutants in black water is very high, BOD is as high as 5-40g / L, and it contains a large amount of fiber, inorganic salts and pigments. The papermaking wastewater discharged from the bleaching process also contains a large amount of acid and alkali substances. The papermaking wastewater discharged by the paper machine is called white water, which contains a large amount of fiber and fillers and rubber added during the production process.
    The zl-zzws001 integrated papermaking wastewater treatment equipment developed by the company adopts international advanced biological treatment technology. This process has high removal efficiency, good color removal effect, stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, low investment, and small land occupation , Easy maintenance, etc. At the same time, our company can also support the reclaimed water reuse equipment at the same time according to customer requirements.
    Device parameters:
    Name: Papermaking wastewater treatment equipment
    Model: zl-zzws001
    Amount of sewage treated: 1 * 1000 (m3 / h)
    Ozone dosage: 50 (g / h)
    Air volume: 100 (m3 / min)
    Air tank capacity: 1000 (m3)
    Flowmeter specifications: 5 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 80 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 60 (mm)
    Aerator power: 5 (kw)
    Water pump power: 3 (kw)
    Custom processing: Yes
    Process flow:
    Papermaking sewage → grille → conditioning tank → pump → primary sink pond → Class A biological pond → Class O biological pond → secondary sink → disinfection pond → discharge

    Papermaking wastewater treatment equipment

    Papermaking wastewater treatment equipment

    Process characteristics:
    1. Take a comprehensive and systematic approach to the treatment of SS and COD in sewage.
    2. The device has strong impact resistance and adaptability, and the pollutant removal effect is good.
    3. Low investment cost, extremely low operating cost, and convenient operation management.
    Equipment advantages:
    1. Papermaking wastewater treatment equipment is made of carbon steel anticorrosive treatment or stainless steel components, and assembled on site. Light weight, easy to transport and easy to install;
    2. It adopts FRP, carbon steel, stainless steel anti-corrosion structure, which has excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and its service life is more than 60 years;
    3. Placed below the ground, the ground above the equipment can be used for greening or other land, no need to build a house and heating and insulation. Maximize system integration and reduce floor space;
    4. No pollution, no noise, no odor, reduce secondary pollution;
    5. It is not limited by the amount of sewage, and is flexible and can be used individually or in combination.
    6. The entire papermaking wastewater treatment equipment system is equipped with a PLC fully automatic electrical control system and equipment fault alarm system. The operation is safe and reliable. Usually, no special person is required to manage it. It only needs to maintain and maintain the equipment in a timely manner, and the management cost is small.
    7. The biggest feature is that the papermaking wastewater treatment project can be arranged into a landscape. The zl-zzws001 type integrated equipment is not only good for effluent when buried in the ground, but also has a surface greening rate of more than 90%. If you use special iconic tree species or lawns that are resistant to cold and water, streams, fountains, ponds, and fish ponds are integrated into one. The water treatment landscape transforms the pollution into a clear spring, which not only treats the sewage but also beautifies the environment, and meets people's desire to live by the mountains and the water.

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