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  • Car washing sewage treatment equipment zl-xcws002

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    Car washing sewage treatment equipment

    Car washing sewage treatment equipment

    简介: Brief introduction of car washing sewage treatment equipment :
    Car washing wastewater contains a large amount of pollutants such as oils, organics, anionic synthetic detergents, etc. If it is directly discharged without treatment, it will inevitably cause pollution to water bodies. In addition, the water quality of car wash wastewater is not the same, which is also a challenge for car wash wastewater treatment. In response to this situation, Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of car wash circulating water treatment equipment (ZL-XCW series integrated treatment equipment) through continuous efforts with its excellent technical personnel. Recycle water purification equipment after recycling, in order to achieve the purpose of both environmental protection and water saving.
    Device parameters:
    Brand: China Blue Environmental Protection
    Name: Car Wash Sewage Treatment Equipment Model: zl-xcws002
    Treatment process: Pure water machine Rated frequency: 50/60 (Hz)
    Rated power: 30 (w)
    Water inlet pressure: 7.25-58 (Mpa)
    Water supply: 28 (L / h)
    Net content (specification): 10 (kg)

    Car washing sewage treatment equipment

    Car washing sewage treatment equipment

    working principle:
    This series of zl-xcws integrated wastewater treatment equipment can be selected according to the quality and quantity of the water to be treated. Therefore, the quality of the water is different, the selected process is different, and the working principle of the equipment is also very different. The following are several common processes: the traditional treatment process of precipitation-degreasing-filtration is suitable for treating ordinary car wash sewage; the technology of biological contact oxidation pond, membrane filtration and electrolytic tank with recycling structure is suitable for treating oily car washing sewage ; In addition, there are membrane bioreactor, physical treatment method-membrane filtration method, coagulation-precipitation (adsorption)-filtration-disinfection and advection sedimentation-coagulation-secondary air flotation-filtration-disinfection and other processes.
    Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. formulates different treatment processes according to different types of car wash sewage, and has developed different types of car wash sewage integrated treatment equipment (zl-xdws series integrated treatment equipment), which is specially designed for various car wash yards Water recycling purification treatment system designed for the purification and reuse of car washing sewage. The system design is exquisite, beautiful and elegant. The quality of the effluent water meets the standard of domestic miscellaneous water. The performance is excellent. The process is simple. The treatment effect is good. , Suitable for manual and computer car wash.
    1. This product is suitable for new and old car wash beauty shops and requires an underground reservoir;
    2. This product does not use any chemicals and medicaments when working, and there is no secondary pollution;
    3. Fast treatment of sewage, removal of car wash liquids by more than 90%, separation of oil pollution by more than 98%;
    4. Car washing wastewater recovery rate is over 80% (calculated according to site design);
    5, large amount of sewage treatment, 1 ton per hour, and can meet the requirements of continuous car washing;
    6, low cost of use. No chemicals cost and low power consumption;
    7, advanced automatic operation system design, reliable; low noise, suitable for all-weather operation;
    8, beautiful appearance, free movement, good flexibility.

    Scope of application:
    Car washing wastewater for small vehicles, car washing wastewater for large transportation vehicles, car washing wastewater for simple car washing shops, car washing wastewater for car washing shops with car repair functions, machine washing car washing sewage, and car washing sewage Sewage.

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