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    The key influencing factors and basic ideas of the market-oriented governance of rural water environment

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    Key influencing factors of market-oriented governance of rural water environment

    There is a large difference between rural sewage treatment and urban sewage treatment in China. The amount of sewage in individual rural and townships is difficult to form, and it is often difficult to attract social capital. This requires the government to invest a lot of funds to treat rural sewage. But in the long run, it is difficult for the government to bear this expenditure for a long time, which requires the introduction of social capital to support it. When companies invest in projects, they are most concerned about the effect of investment for profit, and rural sewage treatment is almost a purely public welfare project, so it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises. Based on this, this article first sorts out the key influencing factors of the market-oriented governance of rural water environment in order to propose targeted countermeasures. http://euhowblog.com
    (1) The infrastructure investment in the treatment of rural water environmental pollution is large, and the amount of rural sewage treatment is small, which cannot form a market-oriented scale benefit;
    (2) High social capital investment, low marketization rate of return, and poor profitability of enterprises, leading to poor enthusiasm for social capital investment;
    (3) There is a difference in the composition and content of pollutants between rural sewage and urban sewage. Enterprise market-oriented treatment technologies cannot be used universally, and the investment and operation model of enterprise sewage treatment construction cannot be completely replicated.
    Basic thoughts on introducing market-oriented mechanism to control rural water environment
    For social funds, the introduction of social capital into rural water environment treatment still has outstanding problems. Market-oriented investment generally tends to projects with cash flow and high profitability, such as rural road construction, rural energy construction, and household water supply. However, rural water environment governance is a public welfare project. To solve this problem, we must break away from the simple financing thinking and consider the relevance of rural water environment projects to other industries. We can use the "project packaging strategy" to solve the problems of rural water environment governance:
    (1) The small sewage treatment stations in the town are packaged and delivered to a local company for operation, which reduces unit input costs through scale effects and improves the company's profitability. http://euhowblog.com
    (2) In order to avoid the difficulty of defining responsibilities, the concept of "full life cycle" is used in the construction process of the sewage treatment plant to integrate construction and operation, and a company is responsible for the entire process to ensure the optimal design of the project's technical economy.
    (3) Combining rural sewage treatment projects with water environment treatment, adopting government purchase service methods, incorporating sewage treatment projects into it, and creating a comprehensive water environment treatment project, thereby driving the door of the overall rural environment.

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