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    Hospital wastewater treatment equipment 1.jpg

    Device parameters:
    Brand: Henan Zhonglan Environmental Protection Model: ZL-WSZ Series
    Amount of sewage treated: 0.5-100 (m3 / h)
    Air volume: 30 (m3 / min)
    Air tank capacity: 12 (m3)
    Flowmeter specifications: 8 (m3 / h)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 100/150 (mm)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 50 (mm)
    Aerator power: 0.75 (kw)
    Water pump power: 0.75 (kw)
    Custom processing: Yes
    Equipment introduction:
    ZL-WSC series integrated sewage treatment equipment is based on our company's summary of domestic and foreign domestic sewage treatment equipment operation experience, combined with our own scientific research results and engineering practices, to design a complete set of organic wastewater treatment equipment, namely A series of sewage treatment equipment with carbon steel as the main raw material. The purpose is to make the domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treated by the equipment to meet the discharge standards required by users. This product is widely used in residential communities, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, institutions, schools, troops, hospitals, ship docks, farms and other domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage (textile, beer, tanning, food, Organic wastewater from chemical and other industries). The complete set of equipment is highly integrated and can be placed on the ground or underground.
    The company's WSC series integrated sewage treatment equipment adopts international advanced biological treatment technology, which combines the removal of BOD5, COD, and NH3-N. It has the advantages of stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, low investment, less land occupation, and convenient maintenance. .
    Process flow:

    Image 1_copy.jpg


    Equipment advantages:
    1. The complete set of equipment can be buried underground or placed on the ground, and the surface above the equipment can be used for greening or other land. There is no need to build a house and heating and insulation, and it will not affect the environment.
    2. The two-stage biological contact oxidation process adopts push flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than that of the fully mixed type or the two-stage series fully mixed biological contact oxidation tank. And it is smaller than the activated sludge tank, has strong adaptability to water quality, good impact load resistance, stable effluent water quality, and does not cause sludge swelling. A new type of elastic three-dimensional filler is used in the tank, which has a large specific surface area, and the microorganisms are easy to hang and remove the film. Under the same organic load condition, the organic matter removal rate is high, and the solubility of oxygen in the air in water can be improved.
    3. The biochemical tank adopts biological contact oxidation method. The volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microorganisms are in the self-oxidation step, and the sludge production is small. It only needs to drain the sludge once more than three months (90 days) (suction with a dung cart or Dehydrated into mud cakes for delivery).
    4. The deodorization method of the underground domestic sewage treatment equipment is not only using conventional high-altitude exhaust, but also equipped with soil deodorization measures.
    5. The entire equipment processing system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system, which is safe and reliable in operation. Generally, no special person is required to manage it. Only the equipment needs to be maintained and maintained in a timely manner.

    Hospital sewage treatment equipment 2.jpg

    Scope of application:

    ZL-WSC series integrated sewage treatment equipment can not only be used for hospital sewage treatment, but also widely used in hotels, restaurants, sanatoriums; residential quarters, villages, market towns; stations, airports, seaports, ships; factories, mines, troops , Tourist spots, scenic spots; various industrial organic wastewater similar to domestic sewage.

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