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    Electron beam treatment technology-the reaction time of industrial wastewater treatment is only 0.01 seconds

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    Electron beam treatment of industrial wastewater design

    The so-called electron beam irradiation technology refers to the use of an accelerated electron beam to bombard or irradiate the object to be treated, so that it will cause physical and chemical and biological reactions that are difficult to trigger under conventional methods, so as to improve product performance and purify substances . Compared with traditional wastewater treatment methods, the advantage of electron beam irradiation technology lies in the treatment of refractory organic wastewater, antibiotic wastewater, and pathogenic bacteria-containing wastewater.
    Printing and dyeing wastewater has the characteristics of high concentration of pollutants, many types, containing toxic and harmful components, and high chroma. Irradiation of sewage with accelerated electron beam can decompose or degrade pollutants in water, and degrade harmful microorganisms. In order to achieve the purpose of disinfection and purification of wastewater.
    What is the existence of electron beam treatment of industrial wastewater?
    Due to the diversity of industrial production activities, in an industrial park, many production enterprises are often stationed, and a variety of industrial wastewater is generated.
    If the wastewater they produce needs to be treated centrally, the types of pollutants collected in each category of wastewater will be very complex, even if classified and collected at the front end. Therefore, it is difficult to completely solve the problem of wastewater purification using only traditional wastewater treatment methods. It is difficult to meet the requirements of new water treatment standards.
    New standards and technological development have spawned a variety of new and efficient technologies to solve the above-mentioned problems, and the development of electron beam irradiation technology has made it show great potential for clean, efficient, and no secondary pollution in wastewater treatment. Get people's attention.
    The first technology to be used in the electron beam treatment of industrial wastewater technology is the electron beam irradiation technology, which uses the accelerated electron beam to bombard or irradiate the object to be treated, causing physical and chemical reactions that are difficult to be triggered by conventional methods. .
    However, the electron beam is invisible and untouchable. How to purify sewage?
    We know that the nature of chemical reactions is the rupture and combination of chemical bonds, and the accelerated electron beam has a high energy. For wastewater (dilute solution) with a low concentration of pollutants, although the electron beam will not directly interact with the pollutants. Effect (small probability), but its energy can act on water molecules and be absorbed by water.
    When this energy exceeds the bond energy of the water molecule's chemical bond and the ionization potential of the molecule, the combination of the chemical bond and the molecule will be destroyed, thereby decomposing and generating a strong oxidizing substance. These free radicals, oxides, and ions will pollute the water The secondary interaction between matter and bacteria can achieve the purpose of oxidative decomposition and disinfection.

    Using electron beam technology to treat wastewater, pollutant degradation takes only 0.01 seconds
    Due to the huge advantages of electron beam irradiation technology, foreign countries have begun to study how to apply it to the sewage treatment industry on a large scale, and China is also in the forefront of the world in this regard.
    The most important consideration in practical applications is the energy and intensity of the electron beam, because they determine the effect of degradation of pollutants. Obviously, the higher the energy of the electron beam, the stronger its penetrating power in the sewage, and the more it interacts with the pollutants. At the same time, the greater the intensity of the electron beam, the more electrons there are for degradation of pollutants, and the higher the corresponding degradation efficiency.
    To ensure the energy and beam intensity of the electron beam, the core secret lies in the electron beam irradiation accelerator device, which consists of a complex control system and corresponding high-precision mechanical and electronic equipment systems, including:
    (1) Electron gun (device that generates and emits electrons);
    (2) Accelerator host (electronic acceleration and transportation device);
    (3) Extraction and application device of electron beam (beam scanning and extraction device);
    (4) Control system part.
    Need to combine high vacuum, high air pressure, electronics, high frequency and microwave technology, computer and automatic control, mechanical design and manufacturing, materials science, beam measurement, radiation protection and other disciplines.

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