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    A glimpse of advanced water treatment technology in Japan

    Source: Author: Time: 2019-05-08 Views: Times

    Water is a necessary resource for sustaining life. It is also an indispensable resource in various fields such as food production, industry, resources, environment and health. It is an indispensable element for building a sustainable society.
    At present, most parts of the world are facing water shortage and water pollution problems, and they are also conducting effective water resource management and water treatment.
    In response to water treatment issues, a reporter from the Science and Technology Daily recently interviewed Hiroyuki Hankawa, the overseas sales director of Japan's Midea Water Co., Ltd.
    Japan's water treatment system operation and maintenance situation is severe. Japan's water supply and drainage infrastructure is mostly built during a period of high economic growth. At present, equipment and facilities are in a severely aging state. In addition, factors such as a declining population, declining income, and a shortage of technical personnel have also caused difficulties in the construction and operation of sewage and sewers. Under severe circumstances such as major earthquakes and heavy rains, disaster prevention measures have become a major issue.
    It is understood that Midea Water Co., Ltd. is Japan's first comprehensive engineering enterprise group in the field of water and environment. It integrates proprietary technologies such as mechanical technology, electrical technology, information and communication technology, and maintenance management, and its business scope covers domestic and foreign companies. Sewer and resources and environment.
    Solve realistic problems with advanced technology solutions. In water treatment technology, ozone generators have the ability to oxidize and decompose odorous gas components into odorless gas components, to kill and inactivate viruses and bacteria, and to decompose, bleach dyes, and decompose colored components such as humus. ; Effectively decompose organic and harmful substances.
    Utilizing years of accumulated experience and technology, Midea Water's unique advanced water treatment ozone generator has successfully reduced the discharge gap of the ozone generator, and maintained a balanced gap interface to achieve efficient ozone production. The ground electrode of the ozone generator adopts a special structure of stainless steel lined glass, which is directly cooled by the cooling water flowing in the stainless steel tube outside the glass medium, thereby improving the efficiency of ozone generation.
    In addition, ceramic membrane filtration systems provide safe and stable water through reliable technology.
    According to reports, the 0.1 micron pore size ceramic membrane used by Midea Water can remove almost all impurities, microorganisms and harmful bacteria in the water; even if the turbidity of the raw water suddenly increases, the system can continue to operate stably; the water recovery rate is high, because Terminal filtration and low backwash frequency, raw water treatment recovery rate is over 98%; ceramic membrane has high mechanical strength, good chemical stability, easy operation and maintenance; ceramic membrane has higher energy utilization rate, longer service life, and significantly reduces operation cost.
    Relying on a variety of unique advanced water treatment technologies developed by it, Midea Water operates and manages dozens of water treatment facilities in Japan, and has also participated in the construction of many water treatment projects abroad.


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