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    product description

    The shallow layer sand filter is composed of multiple standard high-speed sand cylinder units. Inside it is equipped with a unique T water distributor and water collector. It has a unique T automatic control valve to achieve multiple standards in normal system operation. High-speed sand cylinders are individually backwashed one by one, with fully automatic program control. It has the advantages of small backwash water, convenient installation and easy operation. The device has a large flow and requires no maintenance. According to different user requirements, there are vertical and
    Horizontal two series. Suitable for water treatment of industrial and civil circulating water systems.
    Application area
    Shallow sand filter
    Overview of principles
    Positive filtering status
    When the system is in the filtering state, the unfiltered water is evenly distributed by the self-developed water dispenser. stone). As water flows through the packing layer, impurities are trapped inside the packing layer. The bottom of the filter has a plurality of uniformly distributed water collectors, which collect and discharge the filtered water evenly. Advection filtering can make the filter filter at a high flow rate and still achieve a good filtering effect.
    As impurities accumulate in the filler layer, the internal head loss will continue to increase. When the head loss of the inlet and outlet water reaches the set value, the system will automatically activate the constant pressure device to switch it to the backwashing state. When this backwashing is completed, the hydraulic valve changes the water supply direction to achieve backwashing one by one, which is more convenient. Clean up accumulated impurities.
    When the system is in the backwashing state, the filtering still continues. The standard unit sand tank to be backwashed is not filtered, and the other standard unit sand tanks in the system are still filtering.
    Part of the filtered clean water is used to backwash the standard unit sand tank, euhowblog.com/ the rest is still sent to the user.
    Backwash sewage is discharged through the backwash drain of the hydraulic valve. In the high-speed sand tank automatic gao effect filtration system, the special water trap design allows the fillers to be scrubbed and washed with each other, which greatly improves the backwashing efficiency and reduces the required backwashing water (clean water). No running out during washing.
    The backwashing of a standard unit sand tank is 2 minutes. After the backwashing is completed, the internal head loss of the standard unit sand tank is reduced to a reasonable range. The constant pressure device gives a recovery signal, and the hydraulic valve returns to the filtering state. The next standard unit sand tank It is ready to enter the backwashing state.
    Schematic structure diagram

    Shallow sand filter
    Shallow sand filter


    Shallow sand filter

    Model Description

    Shallow sand filter

    Selection table
    Shallow sand filter

    Equipment advantages
    Shallow sand filter

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