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    Iron and manganese removal filters are also called manganese sand filters . Iron and manganese removal filters are common equipment for groundwater treatment. Iron and manganese have been in the groundwater at the same time, especially in northern China and in areas rich in iron and manganese ore. As a variety of chemical water such as papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, fine leather and other production water, it will seriously affect the product quality. When the iron content in the water is high, the water has an iron smell and affects the taste of the water. As drinking water, our country The "Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water" (GB5749-2006) stipulates that the iron content is <0.30 / L and the manganese content is <0.10 / L. Raw water exceeding the standard must be treated by removing iron and manganese. euhowblog.com/ Prolonged consumption of water with high levels of iron and manganese can also seriously affect your health.

    Iron removal manganese filter
    Overview of principles
    The manganese sand filter uses the principle of contact catalytic oxidation to remove iron and manganese elements. First, aerate water with too high iron and manganese content to fully contact and mix oxygen and water. The catalyst of the filter material is used to dissolve the ferrous iron in the dissolved state. Or divalent manganese is oxidized to insoluble high-valent iron and manganese compounds, respectively, and combined with the filtration of manganese sand, euhowblog.com/retention, the iron and manganese are removed.
    The air-water ratio (the ratio of air volume and water volume involved in aeration) during aeration has an important effect on the lifting effect. In the process of aerobic dissolved oxygen, since the solubility of oxygen in water is very small, it is impossible for all the oxygen in the air participating in aeration to be dissolved in water. As the gas-water ratio increases, the utilization rate of oxygen decreases rapidly. Generally The air-water ratio is not more than 0.1-0.2. If carbon dioxide gas needs to be removed during the dissolved oxygen aeration process, the gas-water ratio should not be less than 3.
    Iron removal manganese filter

    Type of aeration

    Iron removal manganese filter

    Model Description

    Iron removal manganese filter

    Iron removal manganese filter
    Application range
    Mainly used in food, beverage, papermaking, brewing and other industries containing iron and manganese exceeding standard water treatment, groundwater, well water as drinking water removal of iron and manganese, geothermal engineering and swimming pool circulating water removal of iron and manganese.
    It can be used as pretreatment equipment in ion exchange method softening and desalination system, and coarse filtration equipment for industrial water supply with low requirements on water quality.
    Process flow

    Iron removal manganese filter
    Iron removal manganese filter
    Iron removal manganese filter

    Technical Parameters

    Iron removal manganese filter

    Filter gradation

    Iron removal manganese filter

    Equipment selection

    Iron removal manganese filter

    Selection table

    Iron removal manganese filter

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