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  • Gravity valveless filter zl-glq004

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    Gravity valveless filter

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Gravity valveless filter
    Model: zl-glq004
    Principle: gravity sedimentation method Use: solid-liquid separation style: vertical performance: precision filtration, high-efficiency filtration Applicable object: water Applicable object nature: weakly corrosive, corrosive, low temperature materials, high sanitary requirements material filter type: quartz sand Device type: tube-type body material: stainless steel Scope of application: chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, automotive, light industry, food, beneficiation, water treatment, electroplating, metallurgy, dye, textile Effective filtration area: 1-500 (m2)
    Dimensions: 1000-50000 (mm)
    Equipment weight: 1000-50000 (Kg)
    product description:
    Steel gravity valveless filter series products are widely used in surface water purification, groundwater removal of iron and manganese , circulating water bypass filtration, production wastewater removal of suspended impurities, organic wastewater after biochemical treatment and secondary sedimentation tank treatment. And the filtration of indoor pool water is an ideal water treatment equipment .
    Gravity type valveless filter / valveless filter is a type of fast filter that does not require a valve. During the operation, the water level of the effluent remains constant, and the water level of the inlet water increases with the increase of the head loss valve in the filter layer. Continuously rise in the suction pipe. When the water level rises to the top of the siphon pipe and forms a siphon, automatic filter layer backwashing is started, and the waste water is discharged out of the pool along the siphon pipe.
    The gravity type valveless filter / valveless filter does not use valves for water inlet, outlet, flushing and drainage. It operates automatically by hydraulic force, low operating cost, convenient management, safe automation, integrated equipment, water inlet tank, filter The backwash water tank and other components are assembled into one body, and the structure is compact. The user only needs to make the equipment foundation and connect the inlet and outlet pipes as required. At the same time, the filter series are equipped with a top cover, which has good sanitary protection conditions and can be installed in the open air. Compared with the reinforced concrete filter, it has a small weight and uses a flexible asphalt sand foundation.
    working principle:  
    The raw water is sent to the filter tank through the water inlet pipe, and filtered from the top to the bottom of the filter pool. The fresh water is injected into the water storage tank from the connecting pipe for storage. The filter layer keeps suspending suspended matter, which causes the resistance of the filter layer to increase gradually, thus prompting the water level in the siphon to rise continuously. When the water level reaches the nozzle of the siphon auxiliary pipe, water falls from the pipe, and the air in the siphon descending pipe is taken away through the suction pipe. When the vacuum reaches a certain value, the siphon effect occurs. At this time, the water in the water pipe passes through the filter layer from bottom to top, and the filter material is backwashed. When the water level of the flushing water tank drops to the siphon damage pipe, air enters the siphon pipe and destroys the siphon effect. The backwash of the filter is over and the next cycle is started. Therefore, the gravity valveless filter does not need to be provided with a backwash pump and a backwash water tower like other filters.  
    1. Gravity type valveless filter is the earliest valveless filter device in China that does not use valves and control instruments and cleverly uses the principle of siphon to achieve automatic operation. It can be automatically flushed. Compared with other filtering equipment, it has no manual operation, low energy consumption, Low operating cost, safety and reliability, convenient management, etc.  
    2. Gravity type valveless filter is composed of water distribution tank, filter, U-shaped water inlet pipe, drainage box, etc., and has a compact structure. Users only need to complete the equipment foundation and connect the water inlet and outlet pipes according to requirements. run.  
    3. Gravity type valveless filter is made of carbon steel (or according to user requirements), with strict anti-corrosion, high processing accuracy and convenient installation.  
    4. Water pressure, electricity and compressed air are not required to provide power, and all work links are controlled by the filter.  
    5. There is a forced flushing system in the valveless filter. If the loss of the head of the filter has not reached the allowable value, and it is necessary to flush in advance for some reason, manual forced flushing can be performed.  
    6. Valveless filter is maintenance-free and free from wear.

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