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  • ZL-JR-QF air flotation device

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    Purpose and introduction

    ZL-JR-QF air flotation device is a flat-flow pressurized dissolved air flotation machine. Its principle is to pass pressurized air into waste water, and to precipitate out of the water as a carrier in the form of tiny bubbles through a dissolved gas releaser, so that Emulsified oil, tiny suspended particles and other pollutants in the wastewater adhere to the air bubbles, and rise to the water surface with the air bubbles euhowblog.com/, forming a foam --- a three-phase mixture of gas, water and particles (oil). The slag scraper collects foam or scum to separate impurities and purify waste water. The device can effectively remove suspended matter, grease, colloids, etc. in waste water, and is widely used in the purification of industrial sewage in oil refining, papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, metal processing, food and other industries.
    Product sample

    Air flotation device
    Air flotation device
    Air flotation device

    System level mapping

    Air flotation device

    Model Description

    Air flotation device

    Product number

    Air flotation device

    Product Size
    Air flotation device

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