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    Rural sewage should not be left alone

    Source: Author: Time: 2018-08-19 Views: Times

    "Shuying horizontally and sparsely water, subtle fragrance floating moon dusk." Turning over classical poems, water is the concentrated reflection of the natural beauty in the writing of literati and writers.

    Water is the source of life and the foundation of ecology. Looking at the current situation, the domestic sewage in Shuicunshanguoli is often flowing, black and odorous waters are breeding, and lakes and reservoirs are eutrophicating. The problem of sewage has become a scar in the beautiful countryside.

    If you want to be beautiful, treat the water first. The main reasons for the difficulty in treating domestic sewage in rural areas are scattered emissions and large daily changes in water quality and quantity. Most of the houses in rural areas in China are self-built houses, lacking building layout planning, and large randomness, resulting in different ways of domestic sewage discharge, some spilled on the spot, allowing it to naturally evaporate or infiltrate into the soil, and some are discharged nearby, through open trench or Underpasses enter streams, rivers and lakes. In terms of composition, in addition to the domestic sewage of the villagers, the leachate and high-turbidity rainwater runoff generated by garbage dumping are often mixed in the sewage, and the water composition is complicated.

    At the same time, there are also large differences in the quality of rural domestic sewage in different regions, requiring flexibility in treatment technology. Ten miles of different winds, hundred miles of different customs, and the living habits and economic conditions of rural residents in different regions are also different, resulting in differences in the concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and other pollutants in domestic sewage. For example, in areas where meat protein food consumption is high, the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in domestic sewage is high, while in areas where a large amount of detergent is used, the concentration of phosphorus in domestic sewage is relatively high.

    In addition to the fact that the actual situation varies greatly from place to place, China's rural sewage base has a large base and high technical requirements for treatment, which also brings difficulties to treatment. Data show that there are nearly 600,000 administrative villages and more than 2.6 million natural villages in China, which produce more than 9 billion tons of sewage each year, which is equivalent to the water volume of nearly 5000 Kunming Lakes.

    On the other hand, since most rural sewage treatment facilities are mainly managed by villagers, it requires stability and convenience in addition to high efficiency. However, the current phenomenon of sewage treatment facilities being “built and not used and only exposed to the sun” is common. Existence, not not want to use, but not use. At the same time, due to economic constraints, facilities with excessively high construction and operation costs cannot operate in rural areas for long periods of time.

    Those who are good at governing the city first govern the water, and the key to governing the water is to control the pollution. Right now, China's rural domestic sewage treatment has a long way to go. Only by pressing the "fast forward button" of sewage treatment can the current situation of "garbage is scraped by wind and sewage is evaporated", and true green water flows for future generations.


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