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    Black and stinky water bodies are not allowed in urban built-up areas

    Source: Author: Time: 2019-04-11 Views: Times

    The reporter was informed yesterday that the municipal government issued the "Zhezhou City Longhu (reservoir) long-term work points for 2019", which lists the tasks of the long-term work of the rivers and lakes (reservoir) in this year, and comprehensively promotes the long-term work of the rivers and lakes (reservoir) in Zhengzhou. To further development.

    This year, the city will comprehensively implement policies and adhere to the combination of “reinforcing shortcomings” and “strong supervision”. The work of the river and lake system will change from “famous” to “real” and from “seeing the river chief” to “seeing actual results”. The annual river and lake management and protection goal of "pollution control, black odor removal, clear boundary, and clear rivers and lakes" strives to create an ecologically beautiful Zhengzhou with "clear rivers, clear green shores, and harmonious human and water".
    Strive to build a system of rivers and lakes in the whole waters
    The "points" mentioned that this year, the city should focus on building a system of rivers and lakes in the whole waters. Based on the full implementation of the river and lake system of 116 rivers, 16 lakes and 141 reservoirs in the city, taking townships (offices) and villages (communities) as the main body, small ponds, ditches, canals, weirs, and dams in the country are micro-water bodies. In addition, rivers and diversion irrigation channels below 30 square kilometers are included in the scope of river and lake long-term supervision. The "last mile" of rivers and lakes is managed and protected to create a system of river and lake length in the whole waters.
    According to the plan, the census will be completed by the end of April, and the system construction will be completed by the end of July. Combined with the actual situation of rural ditches, by the end of the year, a combination of shards and canals will be adopted to establish a ditch (ditch) and one file, a ditch (ditch) and one policy will be compiled, accurate treatment will be implemented, and the process of comprehensive improvement of the rural residential environment will be promoted.
    Based on the partial exploration and establishment of river and lake sheriffs in 2018, the "river and lake sheriff system" will be comprehensively launched, and strive to achieve "see police cars during the day and police lights at night", and continuously strengthen the water-related joint law enforcement work mechanism to ensure rivers and lakes. (Treasury) healthy operation; give full play to the role of public interest litigation in the protection of aquatic ecology, explore the establishment of the "Liver and Lake Prosecutors + Prosecutors" mechanism, set up a "rule of law and high pressure" for river and lake protection, and promote the solution of river and lake management and protection problems according to law and regulations.
    Taking various river and lake special rectification actions as a breakthrough point, focus on rectifying the outstanding problems existing in rivers and lakes, and take the river and lake special rectification action as the specific starting point for river and lake long-term system from "famous" to "real", and strive for one year In time, we concentrated our efforts on the comprehensive management of rivers and lakes, and restored a clean, tidy, safe, and ecological space for rivers and lakes.
    Speed up the construction of projects such as west water and east water diversion
    The "points" mentioned that the same rule of water and shore promotes the in-depth development of the river and lake system. In accordance with the requirements of "engineering short boards", adhere to the problem-oriented, adapt to local conditions, and make up for the short board of water supply, water system connectivity, and ecological restoration projects.
    This year, the city will speed up the construction of water source projects such as the west-to-east water diversion, the Niukou River diversion to the Yellow River, and the stone Buddha settling pond, to seize the favorable opportunity of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, to make good use of transit water sources such as the Yellow River Diversion, South-to-North Water Diversion, and strive to ensure rivers and lakes Ecological base flow; promote the construction of water system connection projects in the southwestern district of Zhengzhou City, the construction of the water system in the ancient city of Zeze in Huiji District, the river and lake connection project in Xinzheng City, and build a “reasonable layout, coordinated storage and drainage, adjustment of flood and dry seasons, multi-source complementary Modern water network with “interconnecting, interconnecting, and freely regulating” to give full play to the effectiveness of ecological water and improve the quality of water ecological civilization; accelerate the ecological management projects of key rivers and lakes such as the Jialu River, Shuangyu River, and Susu River, and vigorously implement wetland ecology The system restoration project promotes the ecological improvement of the city's rivers and lakes.
    The river in the built-up area reaches Class III water quality
    The Essentials requires that this year, rivers in urban built-up areas basically reach Class III water quality; the water quality of Jialu River Zhongmu Chenqiao Section, Shuangyu River Xinzheng Huangfuzhai Section, Meihe Laozhuang Section, and Zhangbagou Liangjiaqiao Section have been further improved, reaching Category Ⅳ; the city's centralized drinking water source water intake rate reached 98%.
    At the same time, black odorous water bodies are not allowed in built-up areas in urban areas; counties (cities) that have implemented quality improvement projects in one hundred cities have basically eliminated the black odor phenomenon; other counties have basically completed the tasks of interception and management of black odorous water bodies in the built-up areas and the sewage outlets.
    The management scope of rivers and lakes is all delineated, and the management boundary signs are basically in place. The "four chaos" problems in rivers and lakes have been cleared up, sand mining in rivers and lakes has been standardized, the problems of sewage inflow and sludge have been rectified, and the entrances to rivers have been further standardized. The environment of rivers and lakes has improved markedly and the ecology has gradually recovered.

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