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    Ministry of the Environment: The focus of black and odorous water treatment this year and next will be on prefecture-level cities

    Source: Author: Time: 2019-04-11 Views: Times


    Last year, 36 key cities nationwide invested more than 114 billion yuan in direct investment in the treatment of black and odorous water bodies. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment revealed that the focus of the black and odorous water bodies this year and next year will be on prefecture-level cities.

    The Ministry of Ecology and the Environment held a regular press conference on February 28, 2019. Zhang Bo, director of the Department of Aquatic Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, introduced the measures and results of water pollution control in 2018. According to the data of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, as of the end of 2018, 95% of the 1062 black odorous water bodies in 36 key cities across the country have eliminated or basically eliminated the black odor; more than 97% of provincial-level and above industrial parks have completed centralized sewage treatment facilities and installed automatic online The monitoring device has increased by more than 40 percentage points compared with that before the implementation of the 2015 "Water Ten".
    In terms of capital investment, in 2018, 36 key cities across the country directly invested more than 114 billion yuan in the treatment of black and odorous water bodies. A total of nearly 20,000 kilometers of sewage pipe network and 305 sewage treatment plants were built, with a daily treatment capacity of 1415. 10,000 tons.
    Zhang Bo said that the new "Water Pollution Prevention Law" implemented on January 1, 2018 provides legal protection for water environmental protection work. At the same time, in 2018, the central government reformed and established the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, which opened up the ground and underground, shore and water, land and ocean, urban and rural areas, and achieved unified supervision of water governance, all of which contributed to the 2018 water pollution control. .
    Take the sewage outlet treatment as an example. "In the past, the sewage outlets were scattered and managed in several departments. The original environmental protection department managed the sewage units. The sewage outlets at the borders of the company's plant area were relatively clear, but it was not clear where they were discharged after leaving the factory. The water resources department Regarding the sewage outfall in the river, the source of the pollution is not clear. Many sewage outfits share a sewage outfall, the responsibilities are unclear, and there is even muddy water. ”Zhang Bo said that the institutional reform has transferred the sewage outfall management to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, which is now in the Yangtze River. The Economic Belt has carried out a pilot project to investigate sewage outfalls into rivers. Based on the pilots, a set of technical specifications and working procedures have been formed.
    "The battle for tackling black and stinky waters has been very hard. There are both formal and substantive inspections. Supervisors have to open the manhole cover to see whether the water flowing in the network is clean water or sewage, and whether the sewage treatment plant enters clean water or sewage. Is the treatment plant operating normally and where is the garbage going? "Zhang Bo said. The public and public supervision have also played a huge role. The special operation received more than 3,000 reports from the masses, transmitting pressure and motivation for water pollution control. .
    In addition, Zhang Bo said that despite the positive progress made in water pollution prevention, the problems of imbalance and inconsistency still stand out. Some local cities and industrial environmental infrastructure owe a lot of debts, the water ecological damage in the river basin is more common, and the situation of water pollution prevention and control is still severe.
    Zhang Bo introduced that in 2019, the Ministry of Environment will focus on the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Bohai Rim region to advance the battle against water pollution prevention and strive to eliminate more than 90% of black and odorous water bodies in prefecture-level urban built-up areas through two years of efforts. By 2020, the Yangtze River Basins and rivers entering the sea around the Bohai Sea have basically eliminated inferior Class V state-controlled sections. It is also hoped that where conditions permit, provincial and municipal controlled Inferior Class V sections will be eliminated. In the Yangtze River Economic Belt, special investigations and rectifications of "three phosphorus" (phosphate mines, phosphate chemical enterprises, and phosphogypsum depots), special actions for the sewage treatment facilities in industrial parks, and pilot projects for the inspection and improvement of sewage outfalls into rivers will be carried out.
    "This year and next year is mainly to solve the problem of black and odorous water bodies in prefecture-level cities. This year, the country will reach about 80% of the treatment, the Yangtze River Economic Belt will reach more than 80%, and next year will reach more than 90%. We are confident in this goal." Zhang Bo said.
    Zhang Bo said that the current work difficulty is still the problem of direct discharge of urban sewage and garbage, in the final analysis, it is still the problem of urban environmental infrastructure construction. "The shortcomings in the construction of urban environmental infrastructure are issues left over from history. How many sessions of the party committee and government are left behind. This session of the party committee and government must take up the burden and return the account. The difficulty is imaginable and there are funds. There are also technical engineering aspects. Fortunately, in recent years, the treatment of black and odorous water bodies in key cities has provided some relatively operable and good experiences and practices, which have laid a good foundation for the treatment of black and odorous water bodies in prefecture-level cities. The current situation looks , Overall progress is smooth. "Zhang Bo said.

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