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    product description

    Gravity valveless filter

    Our company has developed and designed a set of improved gravity valveless filters based on years of operating experience in various engineering cases and feedback from various users, combined with years of production experience, and constantly updated and improved.

    The steel valveless filter developed by our company adopts the principles of gravity water distribution filtration, siphon backwashing, etc. Water inlet, outlet, flushing and drainage do not use valves. They operate automatically by hydraulic power, low operating costs, convenient management, safe and reliable. The operation is automated, the equipment is integrated, and the water inlet tank, filter, and backwash water tank are assembled into one. The structure is compact, and the user only needs to make the equipment foundation and connect the water inlet and outlet pipes according to requirements. At the same time, the filter series are equipped with a top cover, which has good sanitary protection conditions and can be installed in the open air. Compared with the reinforced concrete filter, the filter has a low weight and can adopt a flexible asphalt sand foundation.

    The filter is updated and improved, with a wider processing capacity and applicable scope. It is commonly used to process eight specifications such as 5T, 10T, 20T, 40T, 50T, 80T, 100T, 120T, 150T, and 200T per hour. Users have different requirements to design and manufacture other specifications or single-tank gravity valveless filters, and can meet the requirements of large-scale circulating cooling water system by-pass filtration. They are widely used in

    Industrial fields such as drinking water, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, oil refining, textile and civil fields such as water supply.



    Process principle

    Incoming water (superior effluent or water to be treated) enters the filter through the distribution tank and is filtered from top to bottom. When the filtered water reaches the water collection area through the water cap and fills the catchment area, it starts to enter the clean water tank through the connecting pipe. Flush the water tank and send it out of the overflow pipe when the water tank is full. 水位上升。 As the filter layer continuously suspends suspended matter in the water, the head loss of the filter layer gradually increases, causing the water level in the siphon riser to rise. When the water level rises into the siphon auxiliary pipe, water starts to fall from the pipe. In the drop project, the air in the siphon down pipe is taken away by the suction pipe due to hydraulic action, forming a vacuum (negative pressure). When the negative pressure reaches the design value, a siphon phenomenon occurs. At this time, the water in the water tank is backwashed from bottom to top, so that the filter material can be "regenerated". 水位下降至破坏斗时,虹吸作用被破坏,反洗结束,过滤装置叉重新开始工作。 Due to the continuous backwashing of the filter layer, when the water level in the fresh water tank drops to the destruction bucket, the siphon effect is destroyed, the backwashing ends, and the filter device fork restarts to work. The flushing of the valveless filter is fully automatic. Sometimes due to management needs, flushing is required when the head loss of the filter has not reached the maximum. A forced flusher is provided for this purpose. A negative pressure is generated in the tube, and a siphon is formed by the action of the suction pipe.

    Gravity type valveless filter consists of distribution tank, inlet pipe, filter room, water collection area, connecting pipe, flushing water tank, overflow tank, siphon rising pipe, siphon falling pipe, siphon auxiliary pipe, suction pipe, drainage water sealing box, The siphon destruction pipe, siphon destruction bucket, forced siphon device, forced destruction device and other components are composed of hydraulic purification, structural, aerodynamics as one.


    Equipment advantages

    1. This device is the earliest valveless filter device in China that does not use valves and control instruments and cleverly uses the siphon principle to achieve automatic operation. Compared with other filter equipment, it has no manual operation, low energy consumption, low operating costs, safety and reliability, and management. Convenience and other advantages.

    2. The device is assembled by a water distribution tank, filter, U-shaped water inlet pipe, drainage box, etc., and has a compact structure. The user only needs to make the equipment foundation and connect the water inlet and outlet pipes as required to start operation.

    安装方便。 3. The equipment is made of carbon steel (or according to user requirements), with strict anti-corrosion, high processing accuracy and convenient installation. 提高了体积利用系数,而且其集水水头极小。 The novel and original water collection system and the most provincial water collection head make the water collection more uniform and effective, which not only improves the volume utilization factor, but also has a very small water collection head.

    4. Automation of the water purification system, which not only ensures efficient filtration of the water purification system, but also automatically backflushes. And save a lot of capital investment and daily operation, repair, maintenance costs.

    5. The low self-consumption rate of the equipment is about 3%, which plays a positive role in saving precious water resources.

    6. Small area, compared with general water purification structures. Can save more than 50% of the ground, can be placed indoors and outdoors.

    7. Convenient for expansion, reconstruction, relocation, or relocation.

    8. The infrastructure construction period is short, which is one quarter of the construction period of conventional clarification and filtration facilities.

    Operating procedures

    1. The first operation of the valveless filter (or the first operation after maintenance), the first step is to open the water inlet valve, flush the water tank full of water, when the water outlet pipe begins to discharge water, close the water inlet valve, wait for a few minutes, wait for the filter material and air in the water collection area After removing, open the water inlet valve and put it into operation.

    2. The second step is to force backflush each of the two sets of valveless filters, that is, to turn on the pressure water pipe of the siphon auxiliary pipe to make it siphon. The purpose of this step is to flush the debris of the newly installed filter material through siphoning, and check whether the suction auxiliary device is leaking. After passing the above two steps, the valveless filter can operate normally.

    3. After running for a period of time (for example, months or even a year), if it is found that the number of automatic backwashes of the valveless filter increases. Manual forced kickback can be used until it improves. The reason is that the dirt on the surface of the filter material may be accumulated, and the filter material should be considered for inspection. For short-term maintenance, you can open the hole to shovel the discolored quartz sand filter material and replace it with a new layer of quartz sand. The quartz sand under the shovel is washed with water (or natural rain). The washed quartz sand can be used again. Replace with new quartz sand, and then force backwash and put it into operation according to the first and second steps after filling.

    4. Regularly discharge sewage to avoid the accumulation of dirt in the water collection area (that is, the area below the filter plate); wash the water tank regularly to prevent water pollution, and discharge sewage through the water collection area.

    5.The length of the recoil time can be controlled by adjusting the height of the siphon destruction bucket. The siphon destruction bucket is located in the flushing water tank (you can see it by opening the manhole at the top). And vice versa.

    6. Simple operation without valve filter. After being familiar with the principle. This will enable better operation and analysis of failures.

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