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    Eco-environmental protection inspectors will be fully launched next year to include state-owned enterprises in the scope of inspections

    Source: Author: Time: 2018-12-25 Views: Times

    Minister of Ecology and Environment Li Ganjie revealed at the annual meeting of the China Ecological Civilization Forum held in Nanning recently that the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will start a new round of central ecological and environmental protection inspections next year for a period of four years. The first three years are regular comprehensive inspections. "Looking Back" was launched in the year.

    From the start of the Hebei Province Environmental Protection Supervision Pilot in December 2015, after more than two years, the first round of Central Environmental Protection Supervision has completed the inspection coverage of 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country. Compared with the first round of environmental inspections, what are the characteristics of the new round of environmental inspections? The reporter combed the public information and found that the future environmental inspection may involve the following aspects.

    Incorporate state-owned enterprises into the scope of supervision

    Promoting high-quality economic development with environmental inspections is the central government's decision on the second round of environmental inspections.

    The first meeting of the Central Committee of Comprehensive and Deepening Reform held in March this year has pointed out that the next step is to focus on solving outstanding environmental problems, improving environmental quality, and promoting high-quality economic development, consolidating the construction of ecological civilization and political responsibility for environmental protection, and promoting Environmental protection inspectors have developed in depth.

    Wu Shunze, director of the Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that the second round of central environmental protection inspectors will address the three “ten” issues of previous work lagging, poor rectification, concentrated or rebounding problems, significant decline in environmental quality, and incomplete air, water, and soil. The target task area will continue to increase the accountability of inspectors. With the deepening of the supervision, the future will touch on the deeper issues of society and form a powerful driving force for high-quality economic development.

    Liu Changgen, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Supervision Office, previously revealed that from the second round of inspections starting in 2019, relevant departments and state-owned enterprises will be included in the overall inspection arrangement.

    Judging from the news from multiple sources, the inspected targets include the relevant departments that bear important ecological and environmental protection responsibilities and the centrally managed enterprise groups that have greater pressure on ecological and environmental protection.

    Further improve the supervision work mechanism

    Regarding the arrangements for the second round of environmental inspections, Liu Changgen, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Supervision Office, introduced it at the press conference of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment at the end of last year, intending to focus on several aspects, including combing the situation of the first round of environmental inspections. Summarize experiences, find out deficiencies, further improve the inspection mechanism, prepare for follow-up inspections, and study and promote the construction of environmental protection inspection regulations and systems, further improve the inspection work mechanism, and gradually incorporate environmental protection inspections into the legalization and standardization track.

    In addition, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will also improve the environmental protection inspection system at the central and provincial levels, and gradually cultivate a professional inspection team in practice.

    In fact, the most important content of the reform of the vertical environmental protection management system is to improve the overall environmental protection pattern and the provincial, city, and county supervision system. In addition to the regular supervision mechanism, the system also includes arrangements for monitoring systems at the site. At present, the ecological and environmental responsibility system at the grassroots level and between departments is not complete, which is considered to be the main focus of the provincial supervision system.


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