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    Experts Interpret "Ecological Civilization in the Constitution": Consolidating the Foundation for Building a Beautiful China

    Source: Author: Time: 2018-03-31 Views: Times

    On March 11, the First Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress voted on the "Amendment to the Constitution of the People's Republic of China." Adjusting and enriching the overall layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the goal of the Second Hundred Years of Struggle, and increasing the content of building an ecological civilization and beautiful China are a prominent highlight in this amendment to the Constitution. Important expressions such as “implementing new development concepts”, “ecological civilization”, “rich, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist modernized country”, “promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind”, etc., are written into the constitution (hereinafter referred to as “ecological civilization entering the constitution”).

    What do these amendments to the Constitution mean? What changes will the ecological environment around us bring? Our reporter recently interviewed the heads of relevant departments and experts and scholars to bring you authoritative analysis.

    "Ecological civilization into the constitution" is a concrete manifestation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics

    Add the requirement of “implementing the new development concept”; “Promote the coordinated development of material civilization, political civilization, and spiritual civilization” was amended to “promote the coordinated development of material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization, social civilization, and ecological civilization”; Become a prosperous, strong, democratic, and civilized socialist country "was revised to" build China into a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist modernized country, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation "; the sixth item in the" State Council exercises the following powers "(six) "Leading and managing economic work and urban and rural construction" was amended to "(6) Leading and managing economic work and urban and rural construction, and ecological civilization construction"; added the requirement of "promoting the construction of a community of shared future for mankind" ...

    Relevant department heads, experts and scholars said that the "ecological civilization" related content written in the Constitution is a concrete manifestation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics. For the past five years, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has led the people of all nationalities and ethnic groups throughout the country to vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, and achieved a series of major theoretical and practical results. This is the theoretical and practical basis for "ecological civilization into the constitution."

    Huang Runqiu, a member of the leadership team of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, told reporters: "The relationship between man and nature is a problem that the whole world is thinking about in the later stages of the development of industrial civilization. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has continuously improved the laws of nature and social development. Recognize and incorporate the construction of ecological civilization into the "five-in-one" overall layout of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics. This is a major historic leap in the concept of national development. The party's central committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core leads the people of all ethnic groups and nations The major theoretical results obtained through exploration are an important part of Xi Jinping's socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics in the new era. "

    Huang Runqiu said that under the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics, remarkable achievements have been made in ecological civilization construction and ecological environmental protection. For example, the former Ministry of Environmental Protection has organized 15 provinces (cities, districts) to delineate the ecological red line, and 1/4 of the land area of the 15 provinces is “circled” by the red line, forming a space for strict protection of the ecological environment; compensation for ecological environmental damage The system reform was piloted across the country and provided institutional guarantees for implementing environmental protection responsibilities and protecting public interests. We found the right way to control air pollution. Since the beginning of winter last year, the blue sky has increased significantly. The former Ministry of Environmental Protection launched seven key environmental issues. The special actions involve the prevention and control of air pollution, the regulation of black and odorous water bodies, the supervision and inspection of nature reserves, and the crackdown on "foreign garbage".

    "These are the theoretical and practical foundations for" ecological civilization to be constitutional. "Huang Runqiu said.

    It reflects the common will of the entire party and the people of the whole country, and has formulated a basic national code of conduct for ecological environmental protection.

    Lu Zhongmei, deputy director of the CPPCC Social and Legal System Committee, said that the concept of green development is becoming more and more popular, and it is also the basis for "ecological civilization into the constitution." For the past five years, both the government and enterprises have regarded environmental protection as an important task and responsibility. People's awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing, and they are actively participating in environmental protection activities. Regarding the construction of the rule of law, in the past five years, 18 laws related to ecological environmental protection have been formulated or amended with unprecedented strength; environmental protection law enforcement and the rapid development and improvement of justice have made the "ecological civilization into the constitution" reasonable and inevitable.

    "The ecological environment is generally improving. Not only is the monitoring data improving, but everyone also knows it. The blue sky has increased, the rivers have become clearer, and the protection of biodiversity has been valued. These are the results of ecological environmental protection and support the 'ecological civilization into the constitution' Foundation of practice. "Lu Zhongmei said.

    Lu Zhongmei believes that "ecological civilization" and other relevant content are written into the Constitution, which reflects the common will of the entire party and the people of the whole country, and has formulated a fundamental national code of conduct for China's ecological environmental protection work. "Governing according to law is first governing according to the constitution. As the general charter, the constitution adds relevant contents of ecological environmental protection, which guarantees the highest guarantee of ecological civilization construction in China in the future."

    The newly adopted constitutional amendment adds the expression "building a community of human destiny". This concept points the way for people of all countries to work together to improve global governance and build a more just and reasonable international order. Huang Runqiu believes that this is a way of thinking about future development from the perspective of peace and development of all mankind. It is a pioneering initiative that stands taller and thinks farther. China's decision-making on environmental governance in recent years has been widely recognized by the world. The constitution of the concept of "building a community of shared future for mankind" is conducive to sharing China's experience in ecological environment protection and exploring solutions for the common global environment facing humankind. Such issues contribute to the Chinese solution and Chinese wisdom.

    Lu Zhongmei believes that the constitutions related to ecological civilization such as "building a community of shared destiny for mankind" have been added to organically integrate the concept of international sustainable development with China's traditional culture. , Theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence, and cultural self-confidence.

    Will further promote the implementation of ecological environmental protection work, and promote the improvement of relevant laws and regulations

    The amended constitution changed the sixth item, "Leadership and management of economic work and urban and rural construction," in "The State Council exercises the following functions and powers" to "Leadership and management of economic work, urban and rural construction, and ecological civilization construction." The constitutional amendment contains this requirement, which gives the State Council the authority to lead and manage the construction of ecological civilization, which is conducive to the strict implementation of the responsibilities of "local management" and "one position, two responsibilities" of ecological environmental protection at all levels of government and their related departments, and strengthen the management of development Environmental protection must be managed, production must be managed, environmental protection must be managed in the industry, ecological environmental protection responsibility system must be implemented, and an environmental governance system led by the government, enterprises as the mainstay, social organizations and the public must be involved.

    Lu Zhongmei believes that this provides a constitutional basis for the government to assume the responsibility of ecological environmental protection, and facilitates the implementation of various tasks of ecological civilization construction to the government's constituent departments, which facilitates the unified supervision and enforcement of the ecological environment, and reforms in the past. Disadvantages of non-interaction, improve supervision efficiency and effectiveness.

    The Constitution is the fundamental law of the country. All laws should be based on the Constitution and formulated in accordance with the spirit and principles of the Constitution. The newly adopted constitutional amendment provides a broad legal space for the construction of ecological civilization. Lu Zhongmei said: "In the future, the socialist legal system should be improved and the ecological environment legislation should be considered as an independent subsystem. In addition, the appropriate codification of environmental law should be promoted and systematically codified."

    Lu Zhongmei said that China's current more than 30 laws related to environmental protection have been formulated in time, with fragmented content and conflicts. Although it has undergone minor repairs, the repetition rate is still high, and some laws have as much as 60% repetition content; in other areas, there are gaps. This leads to high costs for legislation and amendment of the law, it also makes the enforcement of the law difficult, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the actual work of grassroots law enforcement personnel. In addition, these laws were drafted by different functional departments in the past. Due to the different responsibilities and management objectives of each department, contradictions and conflicts between the systems have been caused. In addition, the legislative model of separation of resources and environment also leads to a series of problems. For example, there are two laws on water, the Water Law and the Water Pollution Prevention Law. Water law governs water quantity and water pollution prevention law governs water quality, and water quality and quantity must be managed uniformly to solve the problem of water resource protection. If the resource law only deals with development and utilization, and the environmental law only deals with pollution control, it is impossible to really solve the pollution problem.

    Lu Zhongmei believes that in view of this situation, the appropriate codification of environmental protection laws should be promoted as soon as possible. The reason why it is "moderate" is because the ecological environment is complicated and diverse. The environmental code is neither as complete as the civil code, nor is it possible to incorporate all the content related to the ecological environment into one code. The environmental code should be open, extracting “public factors” for comprehensive environmental protection issues within a certain range, while leaving room for change and constantly absorbing new content.

    "The root cause of all types of pollution problems lies in irrational production methods and lifestyles. The ecological environment problems are ultimately development methods and lifestyle problems. The constitution written in the content of 'ecological civilization' takes root in the minds of the public and promotes everyone to practice green development Concept, take the green development path, this is a permanent solution. "Huang Runqiu said.


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