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    Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie: Resolutely fight the three major defense battles of blue sky, clear water and pure land

    Source: Author: Time: 2018-03-19 Views: Times

    On March 17, a press conference was held at the First Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress. The Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie answered questions from Chinese and foreign reporters on issues related to "building a strong battle against pollution".

    "Acquiring medicine according to a single" for a long time

    The government work report puts forward the three major battles for a decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way. Work ideas and specific measures must be put forward separately, and schedules, roadmaps, and priorities must be prioritized. Li Ganjie said that, within the overall framework of a well-off society, there are basic considerations and ideas on how to plan and promote the battle against pollution, and have a preliminary account. The basic thinking can be summarized as "three threes": three types of goals around the goal of improving the quality of the ecological environment, the goal of reducing the total amount of major pollutants, and the goal of environmental risk control. Highlight the formulation and release of the next phase of the "Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan", and resolutely win the blue sky defense battle; further promote the "Water Ten", resolutely fight the clear water defense battle; fully implement the "10 soil", and solidly promote the three major battles of pure land defense field. Strengthen the three foundations of actively promoting the formation of green development methods and lifestyles, accelerating the strengthening of ecosystem protection and restoration, and accelerating the modernization of the ecological environment governance system and the modernization of governance capabilities.

    Li Ganjie pointed out that in order to declare war on pollution since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the central government has formulated three action plans. Practice has proved that the directions, paths, measures, goals, and tasks of the three action plans are scientific and reasonable, and they are highly targeted and effective. Facing the next three years, the key to fighting the tough battle is to continue to "grab medicine according to orders" and persist in eating this "medicine". Although this "medicine" is a bit astringent and a bit bitter, it is a "good medicine". The effect Ideals must be adhered to.

    Long way to go for pollution control

    When answering questions from reporters about the implementation of the "Ten Atmospheres", Li Ganjie said that the "Ten Atmospheres" is a very important document in the history of China's environmental protection. It is the first action plan for the central government to resolutely declare war on pollution and carry out pollution system treatment. In the past five years, the quality of the atmospheric environment has been significantly improved and promoted, which has effectively promoted the optimization of the structure of key areas, and basically formed a new mechanism for the prevention and control of air pollution.

    Li Ganjie said that although progress has been made in atmospheric governance, there is still a long way to go. Governance of air pollution requires both hard and protracted warfare, and it requires more hard work.

    Li Ganjie emphasized that it is difficult to solve the problems of the atmosphere and the water. The implementation of the "Ten Articles of Water" revolves around one goal, which is to improve the quality of the water environment. Insist on two-handed efforts, with one hand focusing on pollution reduction and the other hand focusing on ecosystem protection and restoration. Highlight four types of water bodies, and take the water bodies of people's concentrated drinking water sources, black odorous water bodies, inferior V water bodies, and sewage water bodies as the focus of work. We will speed up the improvement of water pollution in industrial parks, living sources, and rural non-point sources, and put the protection and restoration of water ecosystems on a more important agenda. At the same time, strengthen law enforcement supervision, river basin coordination and overall planning, and scientific and technological support.

    Ministry of Ecology and Environment realizes five "connections"

    The National People's Congress reviewed and approved the State Council's institutional reform plan, clearly integrating all the responsibilities of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and related responsibilities of six other departments, setting up a new Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and uniformly performing ecological and urban and rural pollution discharge supervision and administrative enforcement duties. What role will the newly established Ministry of Ecology and Environment play?

    Li Ganjie said that for a long time, there have been two prominent problems in the system and mechanism of China's ecological environment protection: first, overlapping responsibilities, multiple management, and unclear responsibilities; second, there is no good distinction between regulators and owners. Both referees and athletes, some referees are not very authoritative and effective.

    Li Ganjie said that this time the reform plan solved the above two problems well. On the owner's side, mountains, rivers, fields, lakes and grasses are unified. The establishment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, from the perspective of the regulator, has realized the five “openings” of ground, underground, shore, water, land and ocean, urban and rural areas, and carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. To unify the original scattered responsibility for pollution prevention and ecological protection.

    Environmental inspectors oppose "one size fits all"

    Regarding whether the central environmental protection inspector will have a gust of wind, and social concerns about environmental protection inspectors' "one size fits all" for enterprises, Li Ganjie said that so far, four batches of central environmental protection inspectors have been conducted, which has solved about 80,000 outstanding environmental issues around the people. problem. At present, 31 provinces have set up inspection and rectification leading groups, which have completed 998 rectification tasks, accounting for 47% of the 2147 tasks listed in the inspection report list.

    Li Ganjie reported that the Central Environmental Protection Supervisor will conduct the "round of retrospection" of the first round of environmental supervision and combine it with "looking back" to carry out special inspections on environmental issues that are prominent in some regions and provinces. In addition, the guidance and supervision of environmental protection inspections at the provincial level will be strengthened, and local environmental protection inspection mechanisms in all provinces will be established in 2018.

    Speaking of the phenomenon of "one size fits all" in some places, Li Ganjie said that the situation of "one size fits all" is not universal and prominent. During the four batches of inspections, similar problems did occur in some places, and they have been corrected in a timely manner. "In the future, we will not only rectify the situation in a timely manner, but also promptly pursue accountability and find that we will investigate it together. We are firmly opposed to the situation of inaction, and indiscriminate behavior." Li Ganjie said.


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