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    Strict statement about criminals fraudulently using our company name

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    近期,不法分子利用我司曾用名“河南中蓝水处理工程有限公司”营业执照, PS造假为“上海中蓝水处理工程有限公司”,并盗用我司简称中蓝环保,以我司在上海开设分公司名义,发布虚假信息骗取钱财、谋取非法利益。 Recently, the criminals used our company's business license "Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd.", and the PS was faked as "Shanghai Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd." In the name of opening a branch in Shanghai, it issued false information to defraud money and seek illegal benefits.

    为维护广大民众的个人利益、财产安全及我司河南中蓝环保工程有限公司的良好形象和合法权益,现郑重声明: In order to protect the personal interests and property safety of the general public and the good image and legitimate rights and interests of Henan Zhonglan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., we hereby solemnly declare:

    1、 任何未经公司授权的行为均为无效; 1. Any acts not authorized by the company are invalid;

    2、 我司不存在任何收益型投资方式; 2. Our company does not have any income-based investment methods;

    3、 3. 请在正规企业信息查询网站核实营业执照信息,认准我司官方网站: http://euhowblog.com Please verify the business license information on the official enterprise information query website, and check our official website: http://euhowblog.com ;

    4、 如在网络看到或接到不明短息、电话、传真等以我司名义让您入股或投资、转账等有关金钱方面信息,请拨打我司联系电话: 0371-63916789 ,核实相关信息。 4. If you see or receive unknown short messages, phone calls, faxes, etc. in the name of our company to allow you to invest in stocks, invest or transfer money, please call our contact number: 0371-63916789 to verify the relevant information.

         再次声明,请广大机构、个人提高警惕,谨防受骗,必要时向有关执法机关举报,切实维护自身权益。 Once again, the majority of institutions and individuals are reminded to be vigilant, to prevent being deceived, and to report to relevant law enforcement agencies when necessary to effectively safeguard their own rights and interests. 如遇到任何疑问,可根据以上声明中公布的官方联络途径,随时向我司求证! If you encounter any questions, please contact us at any time according to the official contact channels announced in the above statement!



    河南中蓝环保工程有限公司 Henan Zhonglan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

                                             2018 31 March 1 , 2018


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