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    Mixed bed, mixed ion exchange column water treatment equipment

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    Mixed bed is an abbreviation of mixed ion exchange column, which is a device designed for ion exchange technology. The so-called mixed bed means that a certain proportion of cation and anion exchange resins are mixed and filled in the same exchange device to exchange and remove ions in the fluid.

    Since the specific gravity of the cation resin is larger than that of the cation resin, the cation resin is above the cation resin in the mixed bed.

    Generally, the filling ratio of yang and anion resins is 1: 2, and there are also filling ratios of 1: 1.5, which can be selected according to different resins as appropriate. Mixed beds are also divided into in vivo synchronous regenerative mixed beds and extracorporeal regenerative mixed beds.

    Synchronous regenerative mixed bed is operated in the mixed bed during operation and the entire regeneration process. During the regeneration, the resin does not move out of the equipment, and the male and female resins are regenerated simultaneously. Therefore, it requires less auxiliary equipment and is easy to operate.

    Equipment for mixed-bed processing includes mixed ion exchangers and in vitro regeneration equipment.

    The in vitro regeneration equipment mainly includes resin separator, anion (yang) resin regenerator, resin storage tower, mixed resin tower and acid-base regeneration equipment.

    Equipment advantages
    1. The quality of the effluent is excellent, and the pH value of the effluent is close to neutral.
    2. The effluent water quality is stable, and changes in short-term operating conditions (such as influent water quality or components, operating flow rate, etc.) have little effect on mixed bed effluent water quality.
    3. The impact of intermittent operation on the quality of the effluent water is small, and the time required to recover to the water quality before the shutdown is relatively short.
    4.The recovery rate reaches 100%


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