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    Suspended particulate matter or colloidal matter in the water should be removed by sediment filtration

    Source: Author: Time: 2017-09-28 Views: Times

    The purpose of the sediment filtration method is to remove suspended particulate matter or colloidal materials from the water source. If these particulate matter are not removed, it can cause damage to other precision filtration membranes for dialysis water or even block the waterway.

    This is the oldest and simplest method of water purification, so this step is commonly used in the preliminary treatment of water purification, or if necessary, several filters are added to the pipeline to remove large impurities. There are many types of filters used to filter suspended particulate matter, such as mesh filters, sand filters (such as quartz sand, etc.) or membrane filters. As long as the size of the particles is larger than these holes, they will be blocked.

    The ions dissolved in water cannot be stopped. If the filter is not replaced or cleaned for too long, the particulate matter accumulated on the filter will increase, and the water flow and water pressure will gradually decrease. People just use the difference between the inlet water pressure and the outlet water pressure to judge the degree of filter blockage. Therefore, the filter should be periodically backwashed to eliminate impurities accumulated on it, and the filter should be replaced within a fixed time.

    The sediment filtration method has another problem worth noting, because particulate matter is continuously blocked and accumulated. These materials may have bacteria breeding there, and release toxic substances through the filter, causing a pyrogen reaction, so the filter must be replaced frequently. Principle When the pressure drop between the inlet water and the outlet water increases five times, the filter needs to be replaced.


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