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    Qingdao's sewage treatment fee rises to 1 yuan next month

    Source: Wastewater Treatment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-08-26 Views: Times

    Sewage treatment charges

    On the 25th, Qingdao City held a press conference to determine the urban water supply price reform policy in the three districts of the city. Since September 1, the comprehensive water price for residents has been adjusted from the current 2.50 yuan per cubic meter to a three-tiered stepped price. Among them, the sewage treatment fee has been adjusted from the current 0.70 yuan per cubic meter to 1.00 yuan.
    The annual water consumption of the first-tier household does not exceed 144 cubic meters (inclusive), and the comprehensive water price is 3.50 yuan per cubic meter (including sewage treatment fee of 1.00 yuan); The comprehensive water price is 4.65 yuan per cubic meter (including sewage treatment fee of 1.00 yuan); the annual water consumption of the third-tier household is more than 204 cubic meters, and the comprehensive water price is 8.00 yuan per cubic meter (including sewage treatment fee of 1.00 yuan). Ladder water volume is calculated on an annual basis, with no accumulation or carryover between cycles.

    Ladder water price

    Residents are based on 4 populations, and if there are more than 4 people, each additional person will increase the annual water base by 36 cubic meters. The specific number of people and the increase of water will be determined by the water supply enterprise in the formulation of the implementation rules for the tiered water price of residents.
    In terms of supporting measures, subsidies will continue to be given to the urban subsistence allowance households holding the "Minimum Living Security Certificate for Urban Residents" in the three districts of the city. The subsidy rate will be increased from the current 54 yuan / year to 136.8 yuan / year. Issued from the original channel.
    For non-resident users (including troops, schools, child care, social welfare places and non-operating parts of community service facilities) that implement the price of domestic water in the three districts of the city, the ladder water price is not implemented, and the comprehensive water price is 3.70 per cubic meter. (Including tap water price of 2.70 yuan per cubic meter, sewage treatment fee of 1.00 yuan per cubic meter).

    Wastewater treatment costs

    For the residents of three districts in the city who have not implemented a one-meter-one metered water price for residents' domestic water use, the stepped water price will not be implemented for the time being, and the first step water price will be implemented. After the implementation of the tiered water price, for one year later, for the residents who have not realized the transformation of one household and one meter, the comprehensive water price is 3.70 yuan per cubic meter (of which the tap water price is 2.70 yuan per cubic meter, and the sewage treatment fee is 1.00 per cubic meter. yuan). In order to protect the fair rights and interests of residents' water use, water supply enterprises should speed up the progress of "one household, one meter" transformation of residential water use, and create conditions for the comprehensive promotion of ladder water prices.
    Water supply enterprises shall continue to promote the unified construction, maintenance and management of secondary water supply facilities in residential communities, speed up the transformation and transfer of secondary water supply facilities in residential communities, and ensure water supply safety. After the adjustment of the water supply price, the residents' secondary water supply operation and maintenance costs will no longer be charged separately.
    The water consumption of the ladder in 2015 is calculated based on the actual water consumption of 4 months, that is: the water consumption of the first ladder does not exceed 48 cubic meters (inclusive), the water consumption of the second ladder is 48-68 cubic meters (inclusive), and the water consumption of the third ladder The volume is over 68 cubic meters.
    Background reading: Qingdao residents' water prices have not risen for ten years
    Qingdao is a severely water-stressed city with a per capita water resource of only 307 cubic meters, so it is particularly necessary to raise residents' awareness of water conservation. According to reports, the current water price in Qingdao was established in June 2005, and a single water price was used for domestic water consumption. At present, the comprehensive water-to-household water price of residents is 2.5 yuan / ton, including sewage treatment fee 0.7 yuan / ton, ranked in descending order, ranking 15th among the 17 cities and provinces in the province, which is the highest in Zibo City. 0.725 yuan / ton lower. According to calculations, regardless of factors such as south-to-north water diversion and other water resource utilization factors, Qingdao's current average cost of sales is 3.56 yuan / ton, while the waste water treatment fee of 0.7 yuan / ton is eliminated. .
    The current water price can neither reflect the scarcity of water resources nor mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of the people to save water. It has not played a positive role in promoting the adjustment of the industrial structure.
    It is reported that among the 70 large and medium cities nationwide, more than 50 cities have implemented a stepped water price system.


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