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    Soft water equipment | Boiler soft water equipment | Resin softening water equipment | Steam boiler softening water equipment

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    Water softening equipment, boiler water softening equipment, resin water softening equipment, steam boiler water softening equipment

    Softening water equipment workflow

    Work (sometimes called water production, the same below), backwash, salt absorption (regeneration), slow flushing (replacement), fast flushing five processes. All processes of different water softening equipment are very close, but there may be some additional processes due to different actual processes or control needs. Any demineralized water equipment based on sodium ion exchange is developed on the basis of these five processes (among them, the fully automatic demineralized water equipment will increase the salt water refilling process).

    Backwash: After working for a period of time, the equipment will intercept a lot of dirt brought by raw water on the upper part of the resin. After removing these dirt, the ion exchange resin can be fully exposed and the regeneration effect can be guaranteed. The backwashing process is that the water is washed in from the bottom of the resin and flows out from the top, so that the dirt intercepted by the top can be washed away. This process usually takes about 5-15 minutes.

    Salt absorption (regeneration): The process of injecting salt water into the resin tank. Traditional equipment uses a salt pump to inject salt water, and fully automatic equipment uses a dedicated built-in ejector to suck the salt water (as long as the water has a certain pressure) . In the actual working process, the regeneration effect of brine flowing through the resin at a slower rate is better than the effect of simply soaking the resin with brine, so the softening water equipment uses the method of brine flowing through the resin to regenerate slowly. This process generally requires 30%. About minutes, the actual time is affected by the amount of salt used.

    Slow flushing (replacement): After flowing through the resin with saline, the process of slowly flushing all the salt in the resin with raw water at the same flow rate is called slow flushing, because there are still a large number of functional groups in this flushing process. Calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged by sodium ions. According to actual experience, this process is the main process of regeneration, so many people call this process replacement. This process is generally the same as the salt absorption time, that is, about 30 minutes.
    Quick rinse: In order to thoroughly rinse the remaining salt, the resin should be rinsed with raw water at a flow rate close to the actual work. The final effluent of this process should be soft water that meets the standard. Under normal circumstances, the fast rinse process is 5-15 minutes.


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