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    Three processes commonly used in cleaning ultrapure water equipment

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    The ultra-pure water equipment for cleaning mainly uses the technology of organic combination of electrodialysis and ion exchange, which can effectively remove pollutants and deep demineralization. The ultra-pure water equipment for cleaning is a new type of water treatment designed and produced according to the special needs of users. Equipment, according to the actual consumption, adjust the water output of the equipment to avoid unnecessary waste.

    Ultra pure water equipment

    The process of cleaning ultra-pure water equipment is roughly divided into three types

    1. Adopt ion exchange method, the process is as follows:
    Raw water → Raw water pressure pump → Multi-media filter → Activated carbon filter → Water softener → Precision filter → Male resin filter bed → Anion resin filter bed → Yin and Yang resin mixed bed → Microporous filter → Water point.
    The first type uses ion exchange resin, which has the advantages of less initial investment and less space, but the disadvantage is that it requires frequent ion regeneration, consumes a large amount of acid and alkali, and has a certain destructive effect on the environment.

    2. Two-stage reverse osmosis is adopted, and the process is as follows:
    Raw water → raw water pressure pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → precision filter → first stage reverse osmosis → pH adjustment → intermediate water tank → second stage reverse osmosis (the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane is positively charged) → Purified water tank → pure water pump → microporous filter → water point.

    The second type uses two-stage reverse osmosis equipment, which is characterized by higher initial investment times than the ion exchange resin method, but does not require resin regeneration. The disadvantage is that the relevant membrane originals need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. The water quality is relatively not high, and most of them can only be about 1us / cm. Therefore, when the water quality requirements are higher, a first-stage reverse osmosis is often used and then a mixed bed ( Yin and Yang double bed) check.

    Ultra pure water equipment

    3. The EDI method is adopted, and the process is as follows:
    Raw water → Raw water pressure pump → Multi-media filter → Activated carbon filter → Water softener → Precision filter → First-stage reverse osmosis machine → Intermediate water tank → Intermediate water pump → EDI system → Microporous filter → Water point.
    The third type uses reverse osmosis as a pretreatment and is equipped with an electric deionization (EDI) device. This is the economical and environmentally friendly ultrapure water equipment preparation process for preparing ultrapure water. It can be continuously used without regeneration by acid and alkali. Preparation of ultra-pure water is not destructive to the environment. The disadvantage is that the initial investment is too expensive compared to the above two methods.


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