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  • (Fully Automatic) Water Softening Equipment for Heat Exchange Station

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    Water softening equipment for heat exchange station + online hardness test

    Water softening equipment for heat exchange station

    In short, the heat exchange station is that the hot water or steam of the thermal power plant is connected to the user's heat exchanger through the pipeline, and the purpose of heating is achieved by continuous circulation, and hot water of different temperatures such as heating, air conditioning, or domestic water is produced. To meet user needs.

    After long-term operation of the heat exchanger equipment in the heat exchange station, scales or deposits on the surface of the heat exchanger will be produced in different degrees, and in severe cases, it will cause pipeline blockage. In the long run, it will reduce the heat transfer efficiency and increase the flow resistance, leading to the heating district heating radiator. Not hot, reduced room temperature, cold domestic water, etc.

    Automatic softened water equipment for heat exchange station is a kind of supporting equipment for boiler system. Its main role is to provide the boiler with softened water without hardness. The main role of the softened water equipment is to ensure that the pipes and equipment of the heat exchange station are not corroded, and to avoid a large number of pipes. Fouling causes slow pipe heating and affects the heating effect.

    Water softening equipment for heat exchange station

    Features of demineralizing water equipment for automatic heat exchange stations

    1. High degree of automation: The fully automatic water softening device automatically completes the cyclic processes such as softening and regeneration according to a preset program. In the operation, no manual operation is required except for the manual addition of regeneration salt, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources. The automatic controller or computer automatic controller (optional) provided by us can allow users to easily adjust the operation of the system according to the change of water quality.

    2. Stable water quality: The soft water device accurately sets the program according to the local water quality and can guarantee the quality of the water under any working conditions.

    3. High efficiency, low energy consumption, and low operating cost: Due to the rational design of the water softener and the implementation of strict automatic control, the resin exchange capacity is fully guaranteed, and the salt and water consumption of the equipment are significantly lower than the general Compared with the softened water device, the power consumption is significantly reduced.

    4. Reliable operation: The exchanger shell of the water softening device is corrosion-resistant and anti-aging. The structure of the fully automatic control valve is unique. The valve core is the only moving part. These characteristics make the control valve reliable in performance and long in service life.

    5. Small footprint The advanced process design makes the water softener structure compact, and the footprint is significantly reduced, saving construction investment.

    Water softening equipment for heat exchange station

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