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    Automatic softening water treatment equipment

    Fully automatic water softeners are also called softened water treatment devices, automatic water softeners, water softeners, softened water treatment equipment, and water softeners. The water softener equipment is composed of a fully automatic soft water controller resin tank (generally a glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tank and a stainless steel resin tank), a strong acid type sodium ion cation resin, and a salt tank.

    Automatic softening water treatment equipment

    Automatic water softeners can be divided into time control type, flow control type, continuous water supply system type, including single valve single tank, single valve double tank, double valve double tank parallel, large multi-valve multi-tank series Combined form to meet users' different water needs. The flow type is a fully automatic regeneration of the set flow control. The flow size can be set according to the different resin loading and water quality. The time type is based on the resin filling quantity and water quality combined with the hourly specific demand conversion time, and the fully automatic regeneration is controlled by the set time.

    1. Imported control valve: The material of the valve body is high-strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistant engineering plastic, lead-free brass.
    2. Corrosion-resistant tank body: The material of the tank body is glass fiber reinforced plastic (optionally carbon steel or stainless steel lined plastic tank body). The tank body is anticorrosive, pressure resistant, and has a long service life.
    3. Uniform water distribution system: Adopting jet water distribution, the effective exchange capacity of the resin can be fully exerted, and the salt control is accurate without the need of a salt pump.
    4. Imported high-performance resin: Strongly acidic cation exchange resin is used, with low damage rate, uniform particle size, and improved ion exchange rate.

    Working principle of the automatic softening water treatment equipment The hydraulic control valve uses the kinetic energy of the water flow to drive two sets of turbines to drive the two sets of gears to drive the water meter and control panel to rotate. The water meter dial accumulates the flow, and the control panel introduces the raw water pressure signal into a group of valve chambers through a group of channels, and opens or closes the pressure channels according to a set rule while rotating, thereby realizing the automatic switching of a group of valves integrated into one .
    The water softener is composed of two resin tanks (main tank and auxiliary tank) hydraulic control valve and salt tank. The control valve controls the water path to switch between the main tank and the auxiliary tank, ensuring that one tank is always in working state and the other The tank is in the state of regeneration or standby. The regenerated salt liquid is sucked by the negative pressure of the venturi ejector installed in the valve. The regeneration and cleaning water is the softened effluent of the other tank. For different raw water hardness, water dials with different numbers are used to achieve corresponding working and regeneration cycles.

    Automatic softening water treatment equipment

    Standard work flow (sometimes called water production, the same below), backwash, salt absorption (regeneration), slow rinse (replacement), fast rinse five processes. All the processes of different water softening equipment are very close, but there may be some additional processes due to different actual processes or control needs. Any demineralized water equipment based on sodium ion exchange is developed on the basis of these five processes (among them, the fully automatic demineralized water equipment will increase the salt water refilling process).

    Technical index of automatic softening water treatment equipment Power supply: 220V / 50Hz
    Power: 10-35W
    Water production (single machine): 0-50m3 / h
    Working pressure: 0.2-0.5MPa
    Working temperature: 2-50 ℃
    Water hardness: ≤8mmol / L
    Water hardness: ≤0.03mmol / L
    Operating procedure: automatic control valve body material: high-strength plastic or lead-free copper alloy tank material: wound glass fiber reinforced plastic or carbon steel internal anti-corrosion and stainless steel control method: time type and flow type or powerless hydraulic drive Or multi-tank parallel regeneration mode: downstream / counter current regeneration interface form: pipe thread / ABS flange ion resin: strong acid cation exchange resin regeneration water consumption: ≤2% water production salt consumption: ≤160g / l

    Application field of automatic softening water treatment equipment
    1. Petrochemical system;
    2. Cooling and freezing circulating water system of central air conditioner;
    3. Industrial circulating water system;
    4.Hot water systems for steam, hot water boilers and tea stoves;
    5. Light industry textiles, food hygiene, hotels and restaurants, and other industries softening water.

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