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    Domestic drinking water treatment and purification equipment has the characteristics of convenient installation, convenient use, convenient operation and convenient maintenance; stable operation, energy saving, environmental protection, high degree of automation, economical and practical.
    This system uses the "pretreatment + single-stage reverse osmosis" water treatment process. The scheme is reasonable in design, stable in operation, and the quality of the produced water meets the requirements. It has been applied and tested in many similar projects.

    Drinking water treatment and purification equipment

    [Parameters for drinking water treatment and purification equipment]: The water quality after treatment should meet the water quality indicators of the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water" GB5749-2006.

    1. Microbiological indicators①
    Total coliforms (MPN / 100mL or CFU / 100mL) Heat-resistant coliforms (MPN / 100mL or CFU / 100mL) shall not be detected Total number of colonies (CFU / mL) 100
    ① MPN indicates the possible number; CFU indicates the colony forming unit. When total coliforms are detected in water samples, Escherichia coli or heat-resistant coliforms should be further tested; if no total coliforms are detected in water samples, Escherichia coli or heat-resistant coliforms need not be tested.
    ② The radioactive index exceeds the guideline value. Nuclide analysis and evaluation should be performed to determine whether it is drinkable.
    Drinking water treatment and purification equipment

    [Purified drinking water treatment and purification equipment process]:
    1. Pretreatment:
    Pre-treatment of raw water to improve the quality of water supply to meet the requirements, reduce and delay membrane pollution, and prolong its life. It mainly treats microorganisms, bacteria, colloids, organic matter, heavy metal ions, solid particles and Free chlorine and so on. In order to meet the requirements of reverse osmosis equipment water inlet, to ensure that the reverse osmosis equipment can run stably for a long time.
    It consists of sand filter, charcoal filter, water softener and security filter. >
    Sand filter: filter out the sediment, impurities, suspended solids in the water, reduce the SDI (pollution index density) value of the raw water. >
    Carbon filter: It has dual functions, one is adsorption; the other is filtration. Filters out organic chemicals, heavy metals, chroma, odor, and residual chlorine in tap water to improve taste. >
    Water softener: Through sodium type cation exchange resin exchange treatment, remove scale ions such as calcium and magnesium from raw water, and remove the hardness of raw water. >
    Security filter, 5 micron PPF filter element, intercepts objects larger than 5 micron, and prolongs membrane life.

    2 reverse osmosis device:
    The separation pore diameter of the membrane is 10-6cm-10-7cm, which can remove organic matter (such as trihalomethane intermediates, colloids, suspended matter, microorganisms, bacteria, algae, molds, etc.), heat sources, viruses and other substances. After the third-stage pretreatment of the water is deeply separated and processed by the reverse osmosis RO membrane host, the water that is beneficial to human health is passed, and the water that is not good for human health is eliminated. The desalination rate is 98%, and pure water is produced to enter the pure water tank; According to the specific conditions, membrane filtration is divided into one or two stages of reverse osmosis treatment. A good system design can ensure that the entire system does not need to replace membrane elements within 3 years (the service life is related to water quality); the online conductivity display instrument can dynamically display the net at any time. Water quality status of water production. High-pressure pump provides working pressure for membrane to permeate water. Maintains water production rate. Pressurized and osmotic treatment with one or two high-pressure pumps.

    3. Control function description:
    This system changes the corresponding output signals of the actuators such as water inlet valves, high pressure pumps, flushing valves, etc. according to changes in input signals such as high pressure, low pressure, liquid level, reset, switch, etc., to automatically control a standard RO system to achieve pressure protection, Level control, start-up / full water / automatic flushing and other functions.

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