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    Groundwater treatment equipment is a piece of equipment for groundwater treatment. It is mainly applicable to groundwater removal of iron (manganese, fluorine), civil water supply (water modification), and water treatment industries such as food, printing and dyeing, and electroplating.

    Groundwater treatment equipment

    Gas water oxidation time: 3-5 minutes.

    Filter filtration speed: 10-14m / h.

    Filter thickness: 1.2.

    Working pressure: 0.05-1.0MPa.

    Raw water contains iron ≤20mg / L, manganese contains ≤10mg / L, and fluorine contains ≤20mg / L.

    The effluent content after filtration is ≤0.3mg / L, manganese content is ≤0.1mg / L, and fluorine content is ≤1mg / L.

    Product specifications: 1-200T / h.

    This equipment adopts the principle of oxidative iron removal (manganese, fluorine). After oxygen and air are used to pass through the strong oxidation chamber, the gas and water reach a certain degree of saturation, and Fe & sup2; + and Mn & sup2; + ions are oxidized under the set pressure. Water-insoluble Fe & sup3; + and MnO & sup2; +, combined with the uniquely designed “plum blossom” water distributor of the equipment, evenly distributes water to the upper layer of the filter material, and the iron and manganese ions in the water are removed through the filter material.

    This equipment makes up for the shortcomings of similar products in the market, adding a strong oxidation chamber and oxidation filler, which can greatly increase the gas-water saturation, accelerate the oxidation speed, reduce the oxidation time, and increase the effect of removing iron, manganese, and fluorine. Source water has a strong adaptability to iron, manganese, and fluorine. The "plum blossom" water distributor used in this equipment shortens the distance between the filter surface and the water distribution pipe, which can save a lot of backwash water.

    At the same time, the water distribution point is even and no dead angle, and the filter material is not compacted, which can effectively control the fierce collision and friction of the filter material, which can prolong the service life of the filter material. When designing its own backwash device, a secondary sewage system is added to ensure the quality of the water .

    Power saving: The water from this equipment can be directly supplied to the pipe network. No secondary water supply system is required. This equipment has its own backwash function and no backwash pump is required.

    Water-saving: This equipment adopts "Plum Blossom Water Distributor" to shorten the distance between the filter layer and the water distribution pipe, which can save a lot of backwash water.

    Save investment and land: This equipment does not need to set up a separate clear water tank.

    Save filter material: The equipment distributes water evenly, the filter material has no dead corners, does not compact, and prolongs the service life of the filter material.

    A strong oxidation chamber is set inside the equipment, which can increase the saturation of gas and water, accelerate the oxidation rate, and has strong applicability to the content of raw water iron (manganese, fluorine).

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