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  • Integrated automatic river water purification equipment

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    Integrated automatic purification equipment

    Integrated automatic river water purification equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Integrated automatic river water purification equipment
    Model: zl-jhs002
    Treatment process Precipitation and filtration Application occasions Large rated frequency 50 (Hz)
    Rated power: 1500 (w)
    Water inlet pressure 0.5 (Mpa)
    Water supply 100,000 (L / h)
    Overall dimensions 7600 * 5600 * 4650 (cm)
    Water quality characteristics River water (MΩ-CM)
    Voltage 380 (V)
    Equipment material carbon steel

    At present enterprises are facing the national policy of "prohibition of groundwater protection to protect water resources". The existing deep wells in the plant will be gradually closed, and industrial water will face crisis. And if the full use of tap water will double the investment in production costs, affecting the normal development of the enterprise. The current plan is to use river water for industrial water. But how can turbid rivers help enterprises reduce costs, increase benefits, and improve market competitiveness? Not urgent! The fully automatic river water purifier produced by Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Company will solve this problem for your business, so as to solve your urgent need of water.

    Integrated automatic purification equipment

    Integrated automatic river water purification equipment

    1. Suitable for a wide range of processing capabilities:
    It is widely used in the purification of surface water such as rivers, rivers, lakes, etc. It can be used to supply industrial water or domestic water after treatment with a turbidity of not more than 3000 ml / liter. It can also be used to recycle industrial water such as circulating water, cooling water and mine water. Use to improve water reuse.
    It is suitable for industrial water and small water plant domestic water use in various industries such as steel plants, power plants, textile printing and dyeing plants, chemical plants, chemical fiber plants, rubber plants, coal mines and other industries.  
    2. Unique process design:
    The equipment is designed with integrated purification technology, which combines traditional purification processes such as coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration in one equipment, which occupies less land and is easy to install. And adopt a set of advanced technology such as inclined plate steady flow, composite filter material, automatic sludge removal, automatic backwashing, etc., thereby overcoming the shortcomings of manual operation of traditional water purification equipment , which is cumbersome and inconvenient to manage, and has achieved high-efficiency, energy-saving, and automated investment purpose.  
    3. Reliable quality and stable water quality:
    The adaptability is strong, the effluent quality is stable, reliable, and sufficient. When the source turbidity is as high as 3000 mg / L, the effluent turbidity can be stabilized at about 3-5 mg / L, which meets the turbidity standard for industrial tap water.  
    4. Modular combination The processing capacity of each unit is: 10m3 / h, 20m3 / h, 30m3 / h, 50m3 / h, 60m3 / h, 80m3 / h, 100m3 / h, 150m3 / h, 200m3 / h, 250m3 / h, 300m3 / h, 400m3 / h, 500m3 / h unit processing systems of different levels can be arbitrarily combined and configured, users can purchase according to the needs of the time, and can be added as the user needs.  
    5. Low operating costs and significant economic benefits:
    The cost of treating one ton of water is very low, about 0.23 yuan / ton (including: pharmaceutical costs: 0.05 yuan, electricity costs: 0.08 yuan, labor: 0.03 yuan, maintenance: 0.02 yuan, equipment depreciation: 0.05 yuan). Comparison of economic benefits: (calculated by using 100T per hour of water)

    Automatic river water purifier process flow (schematic diagram)

    Integrated automatic purification equipment

    1. Dosing and coagulation are divided into two types: one is to add medicine before the pump, use advanced instruments to control the amount of medicine, and rely on the suction of the source pump to inhale the water purification agent while absorbing water. This method of adding medicine is convenient. It is simple and saves operating costs. It is the preferred form of dosing for small and medium-sized water purifiers . The second method uses dosing metering pumps for dosing. This method is generally used without the dosing condition before the pump or on large water purifiers.
    2. The mixed water entering the sedimentation tank enters the sedimentation tank, and the clarified water naturally flows into the filter tank. The sludge settling in the sedimentation tank in the sedimentation tank will be discharged by the quilt automatic sludge valve regularly.
    3. After filtering the clarified water through multi-media filtration, the turbidity reaches SS≤3, which has reached the national tap water standard and can be used for production or domestic water. The suspended matter in the filtration is automatically discharged by the siphon sewage pipe, thereby completing Automatic blowdown process.

    The main technical parameters:
    Influent: SS <= 3000mg / L
    Effluent: SS <= 3mg / L

    external structure:
    1.Water distribution tank 9.Siphon auxiliary tube
    2.Water collecting tank 10.Inlet
    3.Stable flow sloping plate 11.Water outlet pipe
    4.Underwater water pipe 12.Drain valve
    5.Water distribution pipe 13.Filter material
    6.Siphon destruction pipe 14.Drain valve
    7.Siphon 15.Drain valve
    8.Water tank 16.Siphon water seal valve

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