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    Process technology standard for reverse osmosis food pure water equipment

    Source: Author: Time: 2016-08-22 Views: Times

    The reverse osmosis food pure water equipment can achieve a salt removal rate of 98-99%, and the food industry has a high process water standard. Therefore, it is necessary to select a specific water production process according to the actual water situation.

    The following methods can be used to further purify reverse osmosis water to meet the requirements:
    1. Double-stage reverse osmosis Reverse osmosis treatment of single-stage reverse osmosis pure water to improve the purity of pure water.
    2. The combination of reverse osmosis and ion exchange can produce ultrapure water with a smaller plant and lower operating costs.
    3. The combination of reverse osmosis and ion exchange can reduce the area of the plant and reduce the low operating costs.
    The entire reverse osmosis system consists of a high-pressure pump, a reverse osmosis membrane, a pressure vessel, and corresponding instruments, meters, valves, racks, pipes and fittings.

    Reverse osmosis food pure water equipment

    Food pure water equipment reverse osmosis technology standard
    Reverse osmosis membrane is a new type of separation membrane driven by pressure. Under pressure, water molecules in solution penetrate the membrane, while other molecules, ions, bacteria, viruses, etc. are trapped, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water. The pore size of reverse osmosis membrane is less than 1nm, which can effectively remove divalent ions, the removal rate of monovalent ions can reach 95-99%, the removal rate of low molecular weight organic matter can reach 100%, and it can effectively remove pathogenic microorganisms and various bacteria. And viruses. The effluent Ames synaptic activity test was negative. The two-stage reverse osmosis system can remove more than 99% of minerals, bacteria, viruses, pyrogens and bacterial endotoxins in raw water. Compared with anion and cation exchange beds, reverse osmosis devices have the advantages of simple equipment operation, no acid-base regeneration pollution, and low operating costs, which make reverse osmosis devices now gradually replacing cation exchange beds.

    Reverse osmosis food pure water equipment

    Reverse osmosis food pure water equipment is safe and reliable to use, fully automatic operation, which fully reduces operation and maintenance costs, and the quality of produced water is stable. It is the best water supply system in the food industry.


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