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    Process technical index of reverse osmosis pure water equipment

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    The powerful process performance of reverse osmosis technology is being used in more and more fields. The reverse osmosis membrane separation technology of pure water equipment has a wide range of impurities removal, so it is very suitable for the water supply system of food industry production lines.

    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment

    Process technology of reverse osmosis pure water equipment
    1. Under the condition that no phase change occurs at normal temperature, the solute and water can be separated, which is suitable for the separation and concentration of heat-sensitive substances, and the energy consumption is lower than the separation method with phase change.
    2. Reverse osmosis membrane separation technology has a wide range of impurity removal.
    3. The high desalination rate and water reuse rate can retain solutes with a particle size of more than several nanometers.
    4. Low pressure is used as the power for membrane separation, so the separation device is simple, operation, maintenance and self-control are simple, and the site is safe and hygienic.
    5.So reverse osmosis water treatment technology is used in power plant boiler make-up water treatment, electronics, semiconductor industry ultrapure water treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical industry pure water treatment, food, beverage, drinking water treatment, seawater, brackish water desalination, metallurgy , Light industry, electroplating and leather industry and other wastewater treatment industries have been widely used.

    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment

    Process composition of reverse osmosis pure water equipment
    Reverse osmosis equipment is a set of water treatment systems organized around reverse osmosis membranes. A complete reverse osmosis system consists of a pretreatment part, a reverse osmosis host (membrane filtration part), a post treatment part and a system cleaning part.
    First, the pretreatment often consists of quartz sand filter device, activated carbon filter device and precision filter device. The main purpose is to remove the sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended matter, pigments, odors, biochemical organic matter contained in raw water, and reduce the water content. Harmful substances such as residual ammonia value and pesticide pollution. If the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the raw water is high, a water softening device needs to be added. The main purpose is to protect the reverse osmosis membrane of the subsequent stage from being damaged by large particles, thereby extending the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane.
    Second, the reverse osmosis host is mainly composed of a booster pump, a membrane shell, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a control circuit. It is the core part of the entire water treatment system. The quality of the produced water depends on this part. As long as the model of the membrane and the model of the booster pump are properly selected, the filtration capacity of the reverse osmosis host for water can reach more than 99%, and the conductivity of the effluent can be guaranteed within 10us / cm (25 degrees).
    3. The post-treatment part is mainly for further processing the pure water obtained from the main mechanism of reverse osmosis. If the subsequent process is connected with ion exchange or electric deionization (EDI) equipment, ultra pure water for industrial use can be prepared. If it is used in In the process of direct drinking water for civilian use, it is often connected with a rear sterilization device. For example, a paper external sterilization lamp or an ozone generator can be connected, so that the water can be directly consumed.


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