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    Common problems and maintenance of water purifiers

    Source: Author: Time: 2016-08-22 Views: Times

    First, the high-pressure pump does not start and cannot make water

    1. Check whether the power is off and whether the plug is plugged in.
    2. Check whether the low-voltage switch is malfunctioning and the power cannot be connected.
    3. Check whether the water pump and transformer are short-circuited or the wiring of the whole machine is incorrect.
    4. Check if the high voltage switch or water level controller fails and cannot be reset.
    5. Check whether the computer box is faulty (refer to microcomputer type).

    Second, the high-pressure pump works normally, but cannot make water.

    1. High pressure pump loses pressure.
    2. The water inlet solenoid valve is faulty and cannot enter water (there is no pure water waste water) (whether it is reversed).
    3. The front filter is clogged (no pure water waste water or small waste water).
    4, check valve failure (waste water without pure water).
    5. The automatic flushing solenoid valve fails and cannot be effectively closed (always in the flushing state).
    6. If the computer box is faulty, the recoil solenoid valve cannot be closed (always in the flushing state).
    7. The RO membrane is blocked.

    Third, the high-pressure pump does not stop.

    1. The pressure of the high-pressure pump is insufficient to reach the high-pressure set pressure.
    2. The check valve is blocked and no pure water is produced. 3. The high voltage fails to take off.
    4. The solenoid valve fails to open effectively

    Fourth, the high-pressure pump is stopped, but the wastewater is not stopped

    1. The solenoid valve is malfunctioning and cannot effectively cut off the water.
    2. The computer box is faulty and the solenoid valve cannot be closed (refers to the microcomputer type).
    3. The water inlet solenoid valve is not closed tightly or installed in reverse. The backwater from the check valve causes the wastewater to stop. The two types of wastewater that can flow away are different. The former is tap water and the latter is pure water. The water quality is different and the water volume is different. The former is relatively flush, the latter is relatively small. Due to the non-stop waste water caused by the check valve, the ball valve of the storage tank can be closed, and the waste water flow can be judged.
    4. The solenoid valve fails and cannot effectively shut off the water (check method: close the pressure bucket ball valve, if there is still waste water, it can be determined that the solenoid valve has failed)
    5. There is also a case where the water inlet solenoid valve is closed and then opened. If the machine is normal, it is determined that the water pressure is too high and the solenoid valve cannot be closed flexibly. Consider adjusting the total water inlet to reduce the water pressure.
    6. The check valve releases pressure and the waste water is very small. Inspection method: Close the water inlet solenoid valve. If there is still waste water, it can be determined that the check valve is released.

    5. After the water is full, the machine takes off repeatedly, and the frequency is too fast to stop completely.

    1. The raw water pressure is insufficient.
    2. Replace the check valve pressure.
    3. The high voltage switch or liquid level switch fails.
    4, the system has a pressure relief phenomenon to check whether all parts are leaking.

    6. The pressure bucket is full of water, but pure water cannot flow out.

    1. The pressure in the pressure tank is released.
    2. The back-mounted activated carbon is blocked.
    3. Is the pressure bucket ball valve damaged?

    Seven, insufficient flow of pure water

    1. The first three filter elements are blocked.
    2. The pressure of the high-pressure pump is insufficient.
    3. The RO membrane is blocked.
    4.The wastewater ratio is out of adjustment or the wastewater valve is not closed tightly
    5. Post-activated carbon blockage.
    6. Insufficient pressure or internal damage in the pressure tank.
    7.The water temperature is too low 8.The raw water pressure is too low

    8. What is the reason for water leakage near the pipe connection?

    1. Check whether the PE pipe head is cut flat.
    2. Check whether the plug is in place.
    3. Check whether the screw is tightened.

    Nine, why is there abnormal noise during the operation of the water machine?

    1. Check whether the check valve is malfunctioning or aging.
    2. Check if there is any problem with the quality of the booster pump.


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