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    Water cycle purification system process

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    The water cycle purification system process is based on a strong aeration and oxygenation cycle system. The dissolved oxygen in the water body is already abundant, and most of the phenomena caused by lack of oxygen in the water body such as black odor are basically eliminated. The system plays an important role in the purification of water bodies, elimination of dead water areas, formation of living water flow, removal of algae residues, inorganic matter and water quality maintenance. Water cycle purification, water cycle purification system According to the characteristics of the landscape water system, a set of cycle purification system is set up to meet the needs of water quality maintenance.
    ㈠ Process flow chart

    Water cycle purification system process
    Water cycle purification system process

    ⑴ Process description⑴ Power system The power system is equipped with two submersible sewage pumps, one for each reserve. Power is 11Kw, flow rate is 90m3 / h, and head is 22m.
    The circulating filtration power system is not only used as the power for the normal operation of the system, but also used as the power for coarse filtration, physical filtration and biological filtration.
    ⑵ Water circulation purification of the coarse filtration system. The water circulation purification system serves as a pretreatment system for the entire system. The coarse filtration system removes coarse particles and protects subsequent physical and biological filtration systems. The coarse filter tank uses a single bag filter with a flow rate of more than 90m3 / h, and the operation and management are simple and convenient.
    ⑶ Formulation dosing system Adding proper formulations to the entire system can effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of algae, and intensify the rate of flocculation after the algae are killed, forming larger flocs for subsequent physical and biological filtration systems Remove. It is emphasized here that the dosing of the preparation is discontinuous, only when the water quality is bad or deteriorated.
    悬浮 Inorganic suspensions in water in physical and biological filtration systems can only be removed by filtration or precipitation. At the same time, algae residues are removed to reduce the phosphorus content in the water to control algae growth. In order to reduce operating costs and facilitate management, a combination of physical filtration and biological filtration is used in this solution. On the one hand, the micro-ecosystem of the water body is not destroyed, and at the same time, the inorganic substances in the water and the organic matter that is decomposed can be removed.
    ① Biological filtration system Biological filtration system is a completely innovative aquatic technology product. It is completely compatible with the environment and ecology. It was developed by Mr. Liu Jianting of Taiwan Hanou Aquatic Technology Company. It uses a bioengineered and precise aquatic substrate to help us select microbial populations and beneficial algae and help them reproduce. A large number of organisms can be propagated using special media carriers, which are mainly phytoplankton, zooplankton and fungi. They can control and biologically purify sewage polluted by aquatic animals, and make the micro-ecosystem reach the ideal balance.
    ② Biological filter bed The biological filter bed is the key to the system. The biological filter bed is composed of the following materials; the biological filter bed is composed of biological filter material and water distribution pipeline. It can give all bacteria, microorganisms and algae in the water to decompose and transform harmful substances. With its huge capacity of 1: 250, it provides a reliable home and an ideal habitat for growth and reproduction. That is, on every square meter of products we see, the biological filter bed can provide microorganisms with a huge biological growth surface of 250 square meters, as large as a tennis court.
    In water treatment, biologically attached growth surfaces are used to reproduce microbial populations and algae. These microorganisms and algae play a key role in biological filtration and biological conversion of sewage and eutrophic water bodies. The various carriers used in current biological treatment technologies are specific applications of the concept of biological attachment growth surfaces. It is just that the biological attachment growth surface provided by these carriers is very limited compared with the ecological purification base. And their process design often brings troubles such as manual cleaning and regular replacement. It is the large number of bacteria, microorganisms, and algae that grow on the growth surfaces of these organisms. It is the basic force for converting and decomposing eutrophic substances such as ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus in water. The biological attachment growth surface is usually expressed as a planar area. In the natural environment, they appear thousands of kilometers in rivers, or hundreds of acres in lakes and wetlands. Biological growth surfaces in these natural environments appear in a variety of forms, such as aquatic plants, water plants, rocks and sediments. They allow water to flow through their vast range, thereby purifying the water. This is exactly the same as the role of a carrier full of microorganisms and algae in the sewage treatment tank.
    ③ The effluent ensures that under the dual effects of physical and biological filtration systems, the algae residues in the water are intercepted, and a large number of beneficial bacteria are collected on the biological filter bed to absorb and decompose eutrophic substances and organic matter. The filtered clean water is in the The residual pressure of the pump is used to return to the backwater points of the artificial lake. The backwash water containing a large amount of algae residues is discharged to the nearby rainwater and sewage inspection well by the pump pressure. Nutrient flower substances such as N and P in the water and organic matter also follow. Removed from the water body, the water quality is recycled and purified, and the microbial ecosystem is also protected and strengthened. Water circulation purification, water circulation purification system The circulation purification system operation room is buried, with an area of about 7 meters 5 meters, a depth of 4.0 meters, a designed water treatment capacity of about 90 cubic meters per hour, working for 10 hours a day, and every two days. Complete a cycle of purification of the entire water body.
    With the above process, the system water quality is guaranteed to meet the following requirements: the water body has no abnormal odor; the water body is clear and bottomless, and there is no algae breeding phenomenon

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