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  • Groundwater removal iron and fluoride equipment

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    Groundwater removal iron and fluoride equipment

    Groundwater removal iron and fluoride equipment

    Modified filter media, using imported non-metallic crystal nucleus materials, high-quality silicic acid materials and modified core technology, are compounded by specific physical and chemical reactions.Its significant features are high porosity, large specific surface area, ion exchangeability, Adsorption, catalysis, acid resistance, heat resistance, radiation resistance and other high-quality properties. The basic principle is to selectively adsorb and exchange molecules and ions according to different van der Waals forces and ionic strengths. By adjusting different activation methods, it can effectively remove fluorine, arsenic, iron, manganese, heavy metals, sulfur, phosphorus, Ammonia nitrogen, residual chlorine, chloroform, trichlorohexane, aniline, benzoquinone, volatile phenol, COD, BOD, hardness, turbidity, color, odor, etc. The filter material can be regenerated repeatedly without replacement. There is a tendency to use it more and more, without any harmful substances dissolving out. The modified filter material has a small bulk density, non-compact operation, small water resistance, and energy saving. It is widely used in various fields of the water treatment industry and is a new type of water purification filter material with great market prospects.

    The ability to remove polar organic matter is more than ten times that of high-quality activated carbon.

    Application range

    ● Drinking water and reducing arsenic have strong ion exchange capacity, simple operation, easy regeneration, no compaction, no over-standard leachables, low operating costs, etc. It is an effective, economical and safe new type of fluoridation and arsenic removal. Filter media.

    ● Drinking iron and manganese in drinking water Small operating pressure drop, no compaction, and other excellent characteristics. Iron and manganese exceeding the standard by dozens of times can be removed at one time.

    ● Removal of heavy metals Used in sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse in electroplating, pharmaceutical, electronics, steel, food, power, textile and other industries.

    ● Purification of swimming pools, fish ponds, landscape waters and river channels, removing eutrophic substances (ammonia nitrogen, phosphide), inhibiting the proliferation of algae and microorganisms, without changing water or adding medicine, the water body is always as clean as ever.

    ● Reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, softening, mixed bed, EDI pretreatment.

    ● The purification and treatment of hot water for bathing, underground hot springs and condensing hot water will not reduce the exchange and adsorption capacity below 100 ℃.

    ● Water purification for homes, apartments, villas, schools, hotels, restaurants.

    ● Waterworks, sewage treatment plants, reclaimed water reuse, reservoir treatment, purification of self-contained wells, purification of garbage seepage, sewage treatment in aquaculture and slaughtering, etc.

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