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    Process flow of solar ultrapure water system

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    Process flow of solar ultrapure water system

    Schematic process flow diagram of solar ultrapure water system

    Solar photovoltaic high-concentration organic acid-alkali wastewater treatment We have conducted detailed inspections of its wastewater. The wastewater is separately discharged into alkaline wastewater and acidic wastewater, the ratio of which is about 6: 4, and the COD of the wastewater is 7550mg / l, 8100mg / l. The main raw materials produced are: pure water, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, ethylene propanol, silicon, etc. The acid wastewater and alkaline wastewater are mixed in proportion, and the COD changes greatly. When the two wastewaters are mixed and adjusted to pH 7, the COD is about 6300mg / l. CODcr <100mg / L, BODs <20mg / L, chroma <40 times, PH = 6-8 after treatment wastewater Basic process of acid-alkali wastewater treatment project: aeration-pH adjustment-anaerobic tank ---- Biological contact oxidation ---- Aerobic tank ---- Sedimentation tank ---- Dosing tank ---- Sand filter tank ---- Compliant with discharge.
    Solar fluorinated phosphorus wastewater treatment We have carried out detailed inspection of its wastewater, and the fluoride ion has seriously exceeded the standard. The national standard is <10mg, and the actual value can reach more than 1600. The treatment of fluorine-containing phosphorus wastewater is very difficult. Generally, a process combining neutralization and precipitation is adopted. The main process equipment structures for the treatment of fluorine-containing and phosphorus-containing wastewater include water collection wells, primary acid-resistant lift pumps, equalization tanks, secondary acid-resistant lift pumps, neutralization reactors, mediation reactors, precipitation reactors, buffer tanks, centrifugal reactors, It consists of a flow sedimentation tank, a neutralization reactor, a lime milk preparation and addition system and a flocculant coagulant preparation and addition system. Shared sludge treatment system with organic wastewater treatment system. The wastewater treatment process flow is shown in the figure below: Wastewater inflow--water collection tank--water pump--equilibrium tank--dosing--neutralization reaction ---- mediation reaction--precipitation reaction tank--buffer pool--sewage pump-- Centrifugal reaction tank + PLLAM--Vertical liquid sedimentation tank--Desludge--Neutralization tank--Eligible discharge

    Process flow of solar ultrapure water system

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