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    Direct drinking water process

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    Direct drinking water process

    Direct drinking water process flow chart:

    Tap water (or other water source) → Primary water treatment → Secondary water treatment → Tertiary water treatment → Fine treatment → Membrane separation system → Sterilization → User technical principle:
    Primary treatment: mainly remove coarse particles and impurities in water. The commonly used method is to use quartz sand and manganese ore of certain specifications.
    Secondary treatment: High-quality coconut shell activated carbon is used to remove odor, residual chlorine, suspended matter and organic impurities in the water by using the principle of filtration and adsorption.
    Three-stage treatment: using sodium ion exchange resin to replace calcium and magnesium ions in water. Thereby reducing the hardness of the water. The water quality in the south is soft and is not generally used.
    Fine filtration: commonly known as security filtration, hollow fiber with a filtration accuracy of 5um is often used to continue to purify water quality and extend and protect the service life.
    Membrane separation: One or two filtration membranes are usually selected, including microfiltration (MF), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), etc. According to the user's different requirements for water quality in the process Type, where reverse osmosis can effectively remove salt and organic matter.
    The above-mentioned multi-stage purified water quality fully meets the sanitary requirements of drinking water. In order to further ensure the quality of the entire system, in the last stage, sterilization and disinfection are added to ensure the sanitary requirements of drinking water in the pipe network.

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