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    Ultra-pure water equipment process

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    Ultrapure water: It removes the conductive medium in water almost completely, and removes the non-dissociable colloidal substances, gases and organic matter to a very low level of water. The resistivity is greater than 18MΩ * cm, or close to the 18.3MΩ * cm limit.
    Ultra-pure water is a level that is difficult to achieve by ordinary processes. It adopts four major steps: pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, ultra-purification treatment and post-treatment. Multi-stage filtration, high-performance ion exchange unit, ultrafiltration filter, ultraviolet lamp, Except for TOC device and other processing methods, the resistivity can reach 18.25MΩ * cm

    Ultra-pure water, the current main process flow 1. Pretreatment ---- double bed ---- mixed bed --- polishing resin 2. Pretreatment ---- reverse osmosis --- mixed bed --- polishing resin 3.Pretreatment ---- Reverse osmosis ---- CEDI membrane block ---- Polishing resin --------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------
    China National Laboratory Analytical Water Standard (GB6682-92) "Analytical Laboratory Water Specifications and Experimental Methods":
    Index name Level 1 water Level 2 water Level 3 water Level 1 water> 10MΩ; Level 2 water> 1MΩ; Level 3 water> 0.2MΩ
    PH value range (25 ℃)----5.0-7.5
    Specific resistance MΩ.cm@25℃ > 10 1 0.2
    Conductivity (25 C) us / cm≤ 0.1 1 5
    Oxidizable [as O] mg / L-0.08 0.40
    Absorbance (254nm, 1cm optical path) ≤ 0.001 0.01-
    Silica (mg / L) 0.02 0.05-
    Evaporation residue (mg / L)-1.0 2.0
    Shenyang Laite Laide Water Treatment System Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise and sales enterprise specialized in water treatment technology development, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, technical support and after-sales service. Based on the premise of high technology and high quality, the company cooperates sincerely. Introduce the most advanced water treatment technology in the world, and gather a group of high-quality engineering personnel who specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of various water treatment projects and related equipment.
    Involved fields and application industries
    Water and heat and thermal power boiler plants and mining enterprises in the power industry, medium and bottom pressure boiler power and water supply systems.
    Water used in chemical industry for chemical reaction cooling, chemical agents, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process water system.
    Water coating system for industrial products. Surface coating, cleaning, coating glass and battery water system for automobiles, household appliances, building materials.
    The beverage industry uses pure drinking water, natural water, beverages, low-alcohol blending water, and pure draft beer filtration.
    Water for the medical and pharmaceutical industry Medical infusions, injections, pharmaceuticals, biochemical products, medical sterile water, artificial kidney water and hemodialysis water.
    Public water treatment system Desalination of brackish and salty water, high-quality water supply network system for schools, communities, hotels, real estate.

    Ultra-pure water equipment process

    Flow chart:

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