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    Introduction to reverse osmosis equipment

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    This system adopts the first-level reverse osmosis method with automatic control and automatic safety protection function. The inlet and outlet of the high-pressure pump are equipped with low-pressure protection and high-pressure protection, automatic membrane module flushing, water quality synchronous monitoring (conductivity meter display) function, and simple and economical operation and management.
    The principle of RO reverse osmosis desalination is that after water enters reverse osmosis (RO) under high pressure, the water and the dissolved matter in water are separated by the separation of the reverse osmosis membrane to achieve the purpose of salt removal. After the raw water passes through the reverse osmosis system, the effluent water quality desalting rate reaches more than 99%.
    Isolate substances with a molecular weight of 100-200 Daltons or a solute size of about 0.0001um. The removal rate for bacteria, heat sources, viruses and colloidal particles, proteins, inorganic salts, ions and their compounds, and molecular organic matter is ≥99 ﹪.

    Reverse osmosis equipment

    I. Description of Skills 1. The company's series of reverse osmosis mainframes are all imported from the United States and equipped with PLC microcomputer automatic control (with human-machine interface) system. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, small footprint, convenient installation, economy and practicality.
    2. This series of mainframe is equipped with a complete control panel, which automatically controls the start and stop of high-pressure pumps, automatic low-pressure protection, automatic fast backwashing and other functions, to achieve complete self-reliance, without the need for routine maintenance. The original RO membrane imported from the United States can remove all harmful substances such as bacteria, colibacillus, heavy metals, organic matter in the water, and the desalination rate is more than 99%.
    3. The mainframe of this series adopts a fully enclosed, fully automated, combined design in system design. Its filtering, water-making, backwashing, pressure leak detection, cleaning, fault alarm and other processing processes, as well as water quality monitoring (displayed by the electricity meter) and work instructions are all automatically controlled, and the operation and management are simple and convenient. Widely used in industrial pure water, ultra pure water production process.

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