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    Application of reverse osmosis treatment process in groundwater treatment

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    Application of reverse osmosis treatment process in groundwater treatment

    Application of reverse osmosis treatment technology in groundwater treatment Since the discovery of modern reverse osmosis treatment technology in the 1950s, and commercial operation in the 1960s, after more than 50 years of development, reverse osmosis water treatment technology has become the world today. One of the most advanced desalination technologies has been successfully used in various fields of industry, such as power, chemical, soft stone, pharmaceutical, electronics, metallurgy and other industries. By the beginning of the 20th century, the market share of reverse osmosis technology in water treatment had been growing at a rapid rate every year. Like many high-tech products, it has high technological content, high added value in technology, easy operation, and easy to use methods. According to different conditions of water quality in different water sources, the choice of reverse osmosis treatment process will also be different. In order to make the reverse osmosis system run stably, safely, and economically for a long time, it is necessary to carry out targeted process design for different water sources. This article focuses on the application of reverse osmosis treatment in groundwater treatment.
    Selection of reverse osmosis treatment technology in groundwater treatment Groundwater as a water source is widely distributed in China and it is relatively easy to obtain water. However, since the quality of groundwater is often affected by external factors such as climate, the fluctuation is large. For example, in rainy days, the suspended solids (SS) in groundwater will be very high. If the water at this time enters the reverse osmosis system, irreversible fouling will occur in the system in a short time, so it is necessary to choose a treatment process. In particular, in the pretreatment process of reverse osmosis, a corresponding mechanical filter will be selected to effectively reduce the pollution of the reverse osmosis device due to the uncertain high suspended matter in the groundwater. It will be very large, and the scale of the reverse osmosis system is generally prevented by adding the corresponding scale inhibitor. For the treatment of groundwater, after many years of experience, there are now several better reverse osmosis treatment processes. This article has selected one of the reverse osmosis treatment processes as an introduction and provides a reference. The specific process flow chart is shown below.

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